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My husband came home sweating, feeling faint, and vomitting. Should I take him to the hospital?

Asked by venusjc (49points) June 18th, 2010

he says he ate Burker King and that upset his stomach but when he came home from work, he could barely make it to the bathroom or bedroom.

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yes, if it persistsfor a bit

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sounds like dehydration or some sort of heat exhaustion. give him a bit of water and call the hospital, or take him yourself, if he’s still feeling this way

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How old is he?
Does he have a history of heart trouble?

Yes- I would take him to the hospital.

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no history of heart trouble, he is 36 years old
I’m letting him rest right now and see how he feels when he wakes, he is just stubborn and won’t always tell me everything that is wrong…so I worry. Thanks for the feedback!!

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Possible hypoglycemia? Fruit juice?

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Oh good!

That elimates my worst case scenario.

I would watch him.

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You need to keep a close eye on him while he sleeps.

If he is still very sick when he wakes up I would take him directly to an Urgent Care.

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definately watching him…gave him water, I wasn’t sure if it means too much sugar or too little

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who knows what’s in burger king these days? or any of those fast foods restaurants trying to make their food healthier… I think you should let him rest. give him some water and an ice pack for his head. Just let his body calm down an d let him catch his breath. After about 15 minutes, ask him how he feels. Keep a clsoe eye on him to be extra safe, and if worse comes to worst, then take him to the hospital where you can get professional help and assistance. Good luck, hope he’s safe and healthy!

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Thanks everyone!

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It may be food poisoning…seriously. The next thing I would think is heart trouble. Then, I would think….the beginning of the flu.

BTW…Heart trouble has been hitting people without previous history….and young at that. I think it’s due to a lot of the processed foods that are injected with all sorts of gunky chemicals and hormones.

Please monitor him and if it persists…get him to the emergency room! It’s better to be safe.

Here’s to his quick recovery!

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It may be simply some bad meat and a case of food poisoning. If so, as soon as he pukes up his guts for a marathon session he’ll be fine come morning.

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Is he better, dear??

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Sounds like it might be heat stroke. Has he been outside much?
—It’s a little late now, I suppose, but proper care is to keep him cool, hydrated (remember the electrolytes!), and reclined.

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Something like that happened to me a few months ago. I went to the ER, and they said it was probably dehydration and swine flu, which it seemed to be.

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Itching to say something about Burker King but this is General. Well, there have been enough helpful answers, and it has been hours ago… hope he feels better.

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Well, I hope he feels better. The same thing happened to my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. And yes, he had Burger King I think there’s something wrong with the food.

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Yes! And Burger King is probably not to blame. Given that it’s Summer in the US, I’d guess it might be heat stroke. Here are the symptoms and a link:
* nausea,
* vomiting,
* fatigue,
* weakness,
* headache,
* muscle cramps and aches, and
* dizziness.

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Well….did he wake up? lol

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Ya update please.

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How about phoning a doctor on call?

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Hmm, OP hasn’t been back since asking this question.

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That is so annoying.

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Well..IF some tragedy did occur it stands to reason that their first priority might not be to update a bunch of strangers online! lol

Guess we’ll never know…or maybe in time.

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