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What does it mean to you when someone rolls their eyes?

Asked by HoneyBee (347points) June 19th, 2010

I just want to hear why other people roll their eyes and what do they mean when they do this.
Is it an act of silent disapproval or something else?

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It is an expression of disbelief.

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I must be explaining veganism again.

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He or she is exasperated.

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It means they are a rude teenager even if they are a teenager trapped in an old person body..

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Whatever. Which I hate.

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@Merriment Yeah, because only teenagers can signify such things. /eyeroll/

To me it signifies something along the lines of “not this shit again” or “whatever you say”.

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It depends on whether it is directed at you or at someone else. And yes, it means disapproval of some sort.

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I roll my eyes when I can’t believe what I’m seeing or hearing. If you could see me now, you’d see my eyes rolling.

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@DominicX – Yeah, I think you missed my point….it isn’t exclusive to teens and it is very popular among the immature of any age. :skipping eyeroll:

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It’s an oh, please, without the words.

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I don’t see it as immature. People only see it that way because it’s unpleasant to have it happen to you. It signifies that what you’re saying is boring, annoying, or just plain ridiculous.

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@DominicX You do know you don’t have to agree with me. Right?

People only see it as rude because it is rude.

If you are communicating with someone and they have a problem with you they should be a big boy or girl and say so.

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Often body language can express something just as well as words can, if not, better. I don’t see why one is rude over the other. But that’s just me… :\

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It means they are rude.

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@DominicX I agree body language is great…if you want the conversation to turn into a flip off contest. If you are actually trying to solve something…it’s best to stick to “using your words”.

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In the case of my oldest son it typically means that I have said the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard. You know, something outrageous like “please clear your plate.”

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I’m just saying that just because you roll your eyes at someone, it doesn’t mean that a physical fight or mudslinging contest is imminent. In my experience, half the time people don’t notice and the other half it causes the person to question what they’re saying, which seems the intent behind it. I’m certainly not looking for a “flip-off contest” if I roll my eyes at someone and that has yet to happen.

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It’s silent ridicule. People use it to show their annoyance.

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It’s a disrespectful manner to decline something.

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@DominicX Half the time people will pretend they didn’t notice in order to avoid a fight. They do this with the thought of “Oh, now that’s real mature!” dancing around in their heads.

The eye roller is really banking on the maturity of the person it’s directed at to keep things from turning into a brawl.

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“whatever” still wagging tail with wicked grin

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If a simple eye-roll bothers you, you need to do a bit of introspection to discover why.

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When I do it I am registering contempt, generally.

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My eye rolls are mostly used on friends and family who genuinely know me. If I give an eye roll it usually means I refuse to say whats on my mind because it will just start a fight. tehehehe link

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It means I’m being a narcissistic bitch again. When I roll my eyes, it’s because I’d start a fight if I said what I was really thinking.

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An expression of disagreement, contempt or scorn, without actually saying what you’re really thinking.

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It means that she is dismissive of me and my concerns. It also means that I should quickly formulate my exit strategy.

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I just tried rolling my eyes. It hurts. I realize that I tend to raise one eyebrow if the situation warrants it.

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I hate it. I hate it when people do this. I say ‘got something in your eye?” . My ex-husband used to do this. I’m sure it’s why he had problems at work, was never promoted, etc. To me it says, “I don’t have any respect for you, or what you are saying”.

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It’s kind of arrogant.

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I have a problem recognizing and processing non-verbal social cues such as the one to which you refer.

I’ve been told such behaviour expresses impatience or incredulity. Typically when people are puzzles why you’re doing or saying what you are, instead of telling you what they think, they make such a gesture that is directed as much to others around them as it is to you.

I hope that helps.

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I sometimes do this because it’s fun to make silly faces.
Especially when think what someone is saying is silly or ridiculous.
Is this childish? Possibly, maybe. Do I care? NOOOOOO

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It’s like saying “For God Sake” with your eyes. It’s the Disbelief, not again, get me out of here scenario.

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