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Can you tell me why Warren Anderson hasn't been extradited to India?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) June 21st, 2010

After the Bhopal disaster he was arrested and bailed on 25000 rupees. He then fled back to the states with the deaths of 20000 Indians unexplained. When India applied to extradite him they were refused by the US.
Is it because je has money and friends in high places.
If you don’t know him look here or here.

If you already know who is: Why is he not being brought to justice?

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That’s awful! I just looked at one of the links you posted! I recently read about the terrible tragedy when I was looking up information on man-made ecological disasters, while researching the BP oil spill for personal purposes. I cannot fathom why Warren Anderson has not been held accountable. Hopefully, India will receive the closure that they need.

As far as an answer, I have no idea…. The wrong people are in power? Greed, manipulation, deceit?

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Union Carbide was found liable for the disaster but has denied responsibility for the incident. They settled out of court in 1989 for 470 million dollars. We didn’t have an extradition treaty with India until 1997. That might be why the U.S. didn’t send him back to India then. He should be held accountable now and be put in trial for his crimes. Unfortunately I think the Dow Chemical company, which is half of “Dow Jones”, is too big to admit to a mistake like that.

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Unconscionable. Despicable. This is our world. The mitigating issues leading up to something like this are at once complex and straightforward.
As I’ve stated before, the best hope that any of us has on the global standpoint is a mass elevation in consciousness. You cannot say any one thing or group of things being changed will make things better. It must be everything and everyone.

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Well the only simple reason why he was never extradited was: US rejected India’s request to extradite Anderson for reasons of not meeting requirements of provision of the bilateral extradition treaty (this is when you talk of technicality).

But in reality(this is just my personal opinion) no matter what, birth country will always protect an individual who did something in another country, once he is free. Smartest move he did to go home right away.

A person is innocent until proven otherwise is what makes the law harsh sometimes.

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well its definitely its a sad thing that he didnt go punished.mostly indian representatives of the company were punished while he got away just like that mocking the jurisdiction of an entire country.but taking an international point of view every country will try to protect its own citizens( esp if he holds position of great importance) by going to any long as no extradition treaty exists between these two countries very little can be done until us decides to react properly.david headley who held the key to mumbai terror attack couldnt be availed for questioning.such lies the case of mutual cooperation.but from what i know even indian politicians are not interested in extradition of warren anderson.

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