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How long does a Change in Command Ceremony take?

Asked by chelle21689 (6995points) June 23rd, 2010

I’ll be visiting my boyfriend and I guess he has to participate in it so I’m going to have to go with him. I hear it’s really boring. First off what goes on at the ceremony? How long could this take including rehearsals?

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This is a template, complete with timing. The MC will likely veer from this, but it’s a decent yardstick. I’d say that you’re looking at a couple hours of ceremony, times two or three if there is a rehearsal.

It’s kind of a big deal (certainly there’s as much pomp as a graduation), and you may not get to see another one. I suggest that you go in expecting to enjoy it.
Personally, I love a ceremony.

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I found a sequence of events for a change of command ceremony, except with no times. It looked long to me on first blush. But I saw a couple of videos that seems to be around and hour and a quarter to an hour and a half in length. These were just for ordinary commanders. If we were talking about something like the replacement of General McCrystal, I’d think it might be double that time. But I don’t know. Just guessing.

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Everyone stands at attention forever. The leaders come up and do some flag swapping. Some patriotic songs are played. Sometimes a guest speaker. If you are lucky, maybe you’ll see someone fall out of formation from locking their knees…that is always fun to watch!!! Yes you will probably be bored, but suck it up. At least you aren’t one of the soldiers having to stand there for hours.:)

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Thanks bellus but how long is it generally? lol

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@chelle21689 The ones I’ve been in/through last a little over a hour. It kind of depends the level of the change of command. Do you know if the change of command is at brigade, battalion, or company level?

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You’ll be fine, and if it’s outdoors on a hot day, DON’T lock your knees!

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nope i don’t. I can ask him later

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The ones I’ve been to have taken anywhere from two hours to four hours.

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From 30 minutes to two hours, depending upon the parties involved..

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My last ceremony (O-6 level) took less than an hour. Above the battalion level, these ceremonies can take several hours; speeches, music, trooping the colors, etc.

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