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Can a 14.4V Nickel Metal Hydride battery be fixed / recycled?

Asked by kelly (1905points) June 23rd, 2010

From iRobot’s Roomba floor cleaner. A custom battery just for these products. It will not take a charge. Can they be “refurbished” by non-techy, or can they be recycled?

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This is unsafe. Do not do this. The battery can explode if you don’t know what you are doing.

We found that often there is a small short in the battery. If we send a high current, short pulse into the battery there is a 50–50 chance the short will burn out and the battery will work until the next little piece flakes off. We do this with non rechargeable button batteries all the way up to car batteries. It’s one of the advantages of working in a lab with high power Agilent function generators and test chambers. For a quick test we charge the battery as best we can and then short across it for 100 ms. That can burn out a pin point internal current leak.

Once again. Do not do this. Got it?

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Thanks understand – Don’t mess with it! Can, where can it be recycled???

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Most cities have a special recycling centre for electronic products. Using them protects our environment!

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we have a county wide monthly recycle, will do.

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