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Has anyone used a Roomba or other robotic vacuum cleaner?

Asked by amazon (44points) January 27th, 2008

What was your experience with it? Did it work well? What model do you recommend?

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I received the basic model as a gift. It works well on hard wood/tile floors, but not quite as good on carpet. My boss has a higher-end model and uses it regularly with great results.

Your Roomba can also serve as great a platform for your robotic monkey head.

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The one I saw was a pile of crap. My Dad got one and it was useless, partly because it didn’t have any actual vacuum, it was just a brush model.

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I have 5 different Roomba models. They all work very well on my floors and low pile carpeting. I have never been disappointed by any of them. After several (3–4) years, some have gotten old and needed reprogramming which was provided by iRobot after I explained what was wrong or not working well. Actually, I think my two red Roombas, which are a lower functioning Roomba, have worked the longest and the best. They are my two work horses. I have not yet tried the Roomba made for pet hair, but I would be skeptical about that one. Cat hair is the only problem that I have with Roombas. They can pick it up okay, but the cat hair makes very frequent cleanings of the Roomba screens a must.

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I have the wood floor model as well as the pet hair one and both are awesome. They are both the new models (in the last few weeks). Definitely would recommend them!

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I received the basic model as a gift. It’s louder than I thought it would be, fills up quickly, gets hung up on strings and socks and things, loses its charge kinda quickly, and doesn’t do too well on carpet.

I think I would probably like it better if I had the better models that allow you to program an automatic start time, used the laser pointers that limit how much area they try to cover and allow them to automatically dock for recharging.

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I put a roomba 560 on my registry – anyone experience with this model?

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My parents have two of the Roomba’s for carpet (the new and most expensive version) and they just got a Scooba for their travertine flooring. They love both of them. They run on timers, and are able to dock themselves to charge. It is almsot like they have new children, they are so crazy about them. We are keeping our fingers crossed for an iRobot Christmas present :)

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I love my Roomba, so I’ll vouch for them.

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