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Do you prefer Textile (what Fluther uses) or BBCode?

Asked by klaas4 (2189points) March 18th, 2008

Or maybe HTML?

I prefer BBCode, because they are tags you won’t use much in a text, while an asterisk is used many times in a text/reply, and then it’s bold. I think that’s a little bit annoying. But Textile has more features…

No need to change however, just expressing my feelings, and asking for yours. ;-)

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I like textile since my Fluthering happens on my iPhone. Writing out tags is unthinkable! I like bbcode when I can select and press magic buttons :D

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I like textile a lot. It’s much faster and easier in my opinion to asterisk something to make it bold, rather than typing out some tag. I think for Fluther it helps make things readable. I’m glad we don’t have options to add colors or really fancy formatting. The style we can use here help differentiate small bits of text, or allow us to mutter things…. without really distracting too much.

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HTML > Textile > BBCode

HTML is standard, Textile is easy, BBCode is both non-standard and bulky, i.e. a lot of work to type.

By the way, having to click buttons to do some mark up is extremely annoying IMHO – I want to be able to type what I’m going to say without removing my hands from my keyboard.

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I prefer Markdown over all of those, but given the choice between Textile and BBCode, I vote Textile.

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I like Markdown as well.

I’m pushing for Markdown support on Fluther. At the moment the team has bigger fish to fry, but it should come eventually…

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I too prefer Markdown; its nice to have a document that looks nice in plain text but converts to HTML nicely. BBCode is not even worth discussing.

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Can we get JavaScript support too. I would like to add JavaScript to my comments.

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O.o javascript?

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Times 1000 or so?

Maybe it’s just that I’m used to BBCode…

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