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What health practices do you practice which might be counter-culture?

Asked by eden2eve (3693points) June 28th, 2010

What practices do you feel pretty strongly about avoiding or including in your health regimen that might make you unusual among your culture?

Some of mine are no microwaves, no Teflon-type cooking implements, nix to almost all artificial sweeteners. I don’t like to use anything that can be addictive, (well, except maybe chocolate) : > and for the most part avoid processed foods. I won’t drink tap water, and am very particular about how my water is filtered. I don’t do barbeque. And I avoid non-organic pesticides and fertilizers.

And a corollary to that, how do others respond to you about ovserving these practices? Do they respect you, or do they find these ideas absurd and give you a bad time about them? Many years ago I used to get hassled a lot more than I do these days. Maybe I was born in the wrong generation.

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I refuse to use any synthetic chemical. No medications, no processed foods. No microwaves either, or non-stick coating. I also avoid HDTVs & fluorescent lighting. And no tap water or fluoridated toothpaste.

People treat me like I’m uneducated & paranoid, & they usually disregard my opinions as nonsense ramblings.

By the way, I do barbeque, but my lovers & I make our own sauce.

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I see an Acupuncturist regularly.

Most people I know are curious about it. Some have tried it themselves. Only my MD thinks I’m nuts.

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@cprevite I haven’t tried acupuncture, but I do enjoy needles quite a bit.

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I don’t molecularly change/ break/ damage my hair like most Black women. I wear it how it grows.
I cleanse my colon.
I don’t use beauty products with synthetic or otherwise harmful chemicals or preservatives.
I smoke marijuana.
I’m going to use a kitten to treat my psychological issues instead of drugs.

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I do hands-on-healing.
I also do tai chi, which – though a respected form – is unusual for someone my age.

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@Facade Give the kitty a hug for me!

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I avoid all medication if possible and resort to aspirin, benadryl or sudafed only when I’m dying with sinus stuff.

I don’t use sanitizing hand soap or gel because I rarely get sick and feel my careful handwashing takes care of me just fine.

I have avoided sunbathing or unnecessary sun exposure for about 30yrs now.

I’ve eaten the same breakfast year after year for about 30yrs now- yogurt, banana, nuts.

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@Facade Yay! I wuvs kittehs! ^^

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I stay away from most medications. I have a chronic sinus infection that I treat with a saline solution. I’m sure if anyone outside my family saw me doing that they would be grossed out, but holly hannah does it work!

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I think our culture, in general, is TOO clean and obsessed with disinfecting everything. But I’m a pretty filthy human being. Example, I don’t wash my hands all the time after I use the restroom.

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@tragiclikebowie Neither do I. That’s what toilet paper is for, not your hands.

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Years ago my family and friends thought I was nuts when I went raw (food, that is). Going raw is not a diet but a life style and the health benefits are phenomenal. Call me weak, but there were some cooked foods I refuse to give up, so I chose to give up going 100% raw.

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I don’t eat junk food at all and I never have used drugs that’s pretty counter culture in my community .

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