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What does no financial compensation mean when wanting to do an acting job?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) June 28th, 2010

I was looking up NON-UNION acting roles and there was this one option that was a short film and it said the pay rate is NO PAY.I tried asking the people who owned the actorsaccess website what it means,do I get paid or not.They just responded that it’s “no financial compensation”. Can someone easily explain what this means and also will I get paid if I get a chance to book the role?

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You will not get paid. You may get reimbursed for travel expenses, but don’t count on it.

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It means you get nothing at all, and you’re lucky to be provided lunch. It is common for student films and a few low budget films.

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I think they are telling you the bald-faced truth. The only compensation is having yourself in a movie, which you may or may not then be able to buy a copy of. Some will do it as a way to build an acting career.

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Just by way of adding support, so that you don’t doubt these previous answers.. it definitely means you will not be paid anything.

There is absolutely nothing else that it could mean. You will get no money.

It’s like doing an internship.. if you want to do it, the only benefit will be that you can put it on your resume, and you may learn something in the process if you’re lucky. :)

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@Kraigmo It means you get nothing at all, and you’re lucky to be provided lunch

When I was an extra, it was safer to take my own food than to rely on the quality of the catered food on set.

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Generally, it’s a low budget film and there’s no money to pay actors. They are giving you a chance to put something on your acting resume. It also means that if any money is made off the film in any way, you will not be compensated. With a Union gig, you get paid, money goes to Equity, and if money to be made, the actors get a share. There is no money to pay either talent or agents.

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I’m not sure how they could make it more clear to you: “no pay” and“no financial compensation” means you’re working for free.

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You will get absolutely no money whatsoever if you accept the role.

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All above answers are correct, though ask about travel, food and a copy of the work for your records. Also pays when applying for student and unpaid shorts that they are using good voice recording equipment so you don’t have to learn the hard way, as it’s no good doing a great performance then not being able to hear what you say post editing… I recommend asking for a boom mic or sound recording booth. Feel free to ask me anything as I have done a whole heap of shorts.

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