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What's the best way to create a mosquito free zone?

Asked by blippio (398points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

Getting ready for the warmer weather and would like to know any tricks to prevent mosquitos (and gnats) from hanging out in my small Brooklyn backyard (beyond a bug zapper)

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Get rid of any standing water, because this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and citronella candles work great! Just look at the percentages to make sure it’s not too weak.

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Eliminate all free standing water. This will only help cut them down. Not completely eliminate them. Mosquitos have the ability to track down something breathing from over half a mile away. Hopefully your neighbors are closer.

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cat tails (reeds)are a natural repellent

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burning cattails or growing?

Thanks for the answers do far!

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growing or cutting tops and putting around area

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bug spray! or a mosquito net, also if you do happen to get a bite you can put white vinegar on it and it will stop the itching immediately! but then of course you smell awfully gross!

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any other natural ways? I’ve heard of this natural garlic spray solution… Anyone familiar w this?

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@ ppcakes- you can also cut yourself and make the bite bleed and it won’t itch. That is as long as you don’t have a “cutting problem”.

@ blippio- just be glad you don’t live in Louisiana. I have a friend down there and when I went to visit I practacaly had to carry a gun so they didn’t carry me off!

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i would much rather smell like a hoagie then have to cut myself. when i was younger i used to create a X in my mosquito bites using my fingernails, i swear it used to cure the itching!

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Open up a browser type in mosquito magnet. It works by coverting propane into carbon dioxide. Mosiquitos are attracted to what we exhale, so when they start to gather around the magnet there is a little vacuum that sucks them in… They use them at golf courses and outdoor establishments

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Bat houses…
Build “Bat” houses…
Bats eat those things, by the ton…Love ‘em…..
Yeah that’s the answer….

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@ riprock: oh, crap! I think that may mean that the patio heater (propane) actually attracts them?!

@ppcakes… the fingernail x thing works for me as well…

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You don’t have to go deep with the cut. I would guess its similar to the x thing you guys are talking about.

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@blippio; sorry to say that after all the citronella, blood-letting, cat tails, etc, the only success will be gained by a little screened-in gazebo, or head-to-toe netting suits from LLBean, which, ‘tho extremely attractive, make romance difficult.

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Bats are, indeed, our friends, but will miss several mosquitoes inevitably, who will then zone-in on you.

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@gail bats do eat the Mosquitos and do a great job. They don’t attack people that is a misconception from Dracula.

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