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Do you think Facebook Questions new application is going to "kill" all other Q&A web sites?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) June 29th, 2010

I have just read two articles about Facebook new application called the “Facebook Questions”:

Now, I’m not sure what is going to happen here and I’m worried about this. Should all the Q&A web site start worrying about this application? I like, which in my opinion is the BEST one and I want it to stay forever. But what if all the people will get answers inside Facebook?

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I want to say no. Since I am not crazy about Facebook.

A million people giving random opinion on subject matter.
We have issues trying to get it right with the motley crew we have here.

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Oh god. No. I fully intend to block it. There are so many people on my FB that I would NEVER want to hear (not specifically directed at me) questions from!

(I cannot emphasize enough how little I care who everyone’s favorite glee character is.)

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Just say no to the Walmart of the Internet!

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Not worried one bit.

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Maybe I’m wrong, but the BIG plus of all the other web site is the PRIVACY issue, which in facebook you don’t have it. I like the idea I can ask questions without everyone know this is me asking. Most of the time I ask questions that I will not ask my friends or family.

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I am always a breathe away from leaving FB anyway; can’t imagine answering questions there.

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I like to keep my questions AWAY from facebook. I just signed up with FB here to get the silly award. I never actually forward anything from here to there.

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<<< Hate facebook.

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A question and answer section of FB would not attract me, since it offers no anonymity at all.

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For one thing “Facebook Questions” will have all the advertisements on every page targeted at users based on everything they ask and answer.

What kind of “community” will they build? A database of potential consumers!

Fluther’s community can be describe in many ways, but it is special to its participants.

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@keobooks silly award? I didn’t know there was an award.

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@wilma @Ranimi23 —oop you goofs! It’s the Plank Walker, I believe.

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I must say, I don’t like all web site now use the “Connect via Facebook” option. Why the hell I want all my friends to know what I’m doing on other web sites? I personally don’t.

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Facebook is trying so hard to be all the other popular websites. The current privacy woes are due to FB wanting so badly to be like Twitter. I see now their push for people to contribute to the upcoming Q&A part of FB, and all I can think is, Whatever. Facebook should be Facebook and stop trying so hard to be other popular websites. It’s lame.

And, no, I don’t think FB is going to kill any popular Q&A website. It’s a social networking site trying to do all sorts of other things, which is fine in a sense, but when you focus your energies on a bunch of different things, no one of those things is going to be as stellar as some one (or a site) who specializes in one thing in particular.

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I’m with @janbb, I’m just about ready to close the facebook account. I don’t like that it gives certain people a way of knowing when I’m home, on the computer, etc. I certainly wouldn’t answer questions on facebook.

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@chyna – if you think Facebook by itself is bad—I have a friend with Foursquare. BLEARGH! Every time he goes to the grocery store, gas station, work—ANYWHERE his blackberry tells all of us exactly where he is—with a little map and address to find him.

It’s more than a little bit ridiculous. Every now and then, I ask him why he doesn’t inform us about the exact moment he sits on the toilet and posts the contents of the bowl when he finishes.

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@keobooks That would absolutely drive me nuts. I hate for my family to know everything I do, and where I am every minute of the day. Not that I do anything, just hate them to be able to know.

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@keobooks LOL :-)
I think it is ridiculous to update status with “where am I write now”, seems to much information.

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The jellyfish are not worried. While anonymity isn’t an issue for me, it is a huge factor for many people. When you factor in the average intelligence of the community here versus the large pool of facebook members… choosing where to ask becomes an easy decision.

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I have no comment about FB and whatever they try to do. I love Fluther and will stay until it is just me and Zenele and AstroChuck if that’s what it comes to . . . (at which time, we will create our own unique question categories and mod the sh*t out of each other I imagine) . . .

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<—Too cool for face book.

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No. Although it appeals to me to be able to Q&A with a lot of mutual friends, there are some personal things we’d all end up avoiding and that’s why we like sites like fluther and soulpancake instead.

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It will end up like Yahoo answers most likely if not worse.

If I was FaceBook and even though I rarely use my account, I’d be worried it might cause more problems than help their website.

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People won’t take it seriously enough/ will just act too silly all the time.

It will most likely just devolve into yahoo answers

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@Dr_Lawrence They will have a large, dedicated community… of advertisers.

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Oh wait, you are serious…

LOL no fucking chance. Facebook and an answers site? No chance in hell!

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I wouldn’t worry. Mainly because Facebook QA would be filled with babbys, condums and frizzers.

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OK, so everything is going to be as usuall :-)
Happy to know no one is going to leave Fluther.

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And so it begins… starting today 1% of Facebook users will begin to see it activated:

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