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Is the only way to make a new start by accepting as much of our reality as possible?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) June 30th, 2010

I feel that reality is niether positive or negative, is this true. Some truths are greater than others to degrees, like the layers of an onion, with the greater truths in the center.

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Never thought about it that way about truths. I thought it’s good to think that way, it makes accepting much easier.

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I think that’s a big part of it. If I’m understanding the question correctly

Being able to say ‘well, so I’ve been kicked- now what?’ was a huge first step for me to move beyond the past. Keeping it in the rear view mirror instead of trying to drive forward with my head still turned backwards.

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i live with reality everyday! ....—a change would not change that!

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If you don’t accept your reality. Your forward motion will eventually send you off a cliff.

Now, you can deny your “reality”, many do that. But if you want the most out of life.
It is always good to look in the mirror before heading out.

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Reality is neither positive or negative. It simply is. What we do to survive and thrive in it is what matters. Positive, negative, good, bad-these are descriptions of our choices and actions, not the immutable fact of reality.

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What do you mean by “new start?” What do you mean by “truth?”

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Yes, it is true.

Reality just IS.

This is the root of all human suffering…fighting against reality…you can of course, but it makes not a whit of difference, just ages you very ungracefully, pounds your heart to a pulpy mess and keeps you awake at night fighting what is with all the co-correspondant stories of why ( whatever it is ) should NOT be the way it IS! lol

Ego loves to argue with reality, spirit goes with the flow.

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Not the only way but it sure helps.

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Who’s truth? Who’s reality? This question cannot be answered because truth and reality have no objective meaning.

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@tinyfaery Of course they do.

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Ah @josie Ever the one to settle any confusion! Your words are as the master potter’s hands on clay.

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There is never an only way in my opinion… But accepting reality as it is surely helps, the only reality we can change is our own, and sometimes only our point of view…

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It is never possible to actually make a new start in our lives. We are always bound by the experiences of our past and our interpretations of them. To change direction, perhaps, it can be beneficial to recognize that our interpretations are very subjective, and with a different point of view, or re-examination we can move on.

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@YARNLADY With sincere respect, baloney. Unless you are put in prison, enslaved or disabled by previous mistakes, there is always the opportunity to start over. There are too many examples of this fact to ignore it. There is no guarantee in life. Every minute that you survive is success. Every minute that you thrive is a bonus. So sorry, but all of the trappings of civilization do not cancel out the truth of existence. Nobody can promise anybody long life and prosperity. We achieve those things with our wits, our ambition and a dose of good fortune. Our mileau changes, we adapt or disappear. We gain wealth, we lose it. We are healthy, we get a bad diagnosis. It is all part of the deal. Everyday of our lives is an act in a great play,which we wind up having to write ourselves. Speaking for myself, I have made more “new starts” than I choose to reveal. So what? I am still here. And I am not some pathetic survivor either. Given the previous, you would be surprised. So, in summary, I humbly disagree.

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Absolutely. I agree that reality is neither negative or positive, it simply Is. It’s not always easy to maintain that outlook, but if one can, then I believe lif is experienced in it’s fullness.
I agree with @Marva too

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It would probably help to accept as much of objective “reality” as one is capable of perceiving.

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@josie I don’t like the word baloney when referring to my quip, but I’ll move on past it.
There is no way the past experiences of someone will simply vanish, and they can start over. We are all influenced by our past. We can choose a different path than the one we were on, but we are not ‘starting anew’.

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Reality is exclusively yours. Like the saying “it’s your world” you create all thats around you and you can change it instantly. Every day we start anew cause when we close our eyes at night you never know if you will wake up. So with the blessing of a new day is a new start. because true reality is living in the moment, not ruled by the memories of the past or the fears of the future but the here and now. That is the only place reality exists.

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@YARNLADY You are right. I was tired and grouchy. Sorry. Won’t happen again.

That is, it won’t happen to you again. Can’t promise that to everybody.

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Whether it is a new start, a new ‘life’, a change based on experience, a lesson finally learned, a door now open that was closed or closed that was open—however one interprets it is fine, as long as one tries to move forward in the world that includes other people.

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Everyone has their own reality. My reality most likely is different than yours. How you cope with reality is the deciding factor in your “New Start” or “truth”. You must know yourself first to be honest with yourself, then truth will set you free.

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I dont know, so you are saying that reality is different for each person. But what about night and day, no matter how we see night and day, it doesnt change anything. Should I just be more casual and not worry about this. I just tried to write a good question.

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