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Is it possible for a man to have a "monthly cycle"?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) June 30th, 2010

A guy I work with can be really grumpy for about 5 days at a time.
I started marking these dates down on a calendar and they are shockingly regular! That regular I’ve posed this question.

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Men actually do have a monthly cycle, there’s just usually no blood involved.

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This dude has it bad!

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Is he married? He may be reacting to his wife’s cycle.

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I get on edge when my girlfriend is on hers. So yes…but technically no. It’s not really a bodily reaction causing an emotional reaction, so much a purely emotional one.

And I hate to be crass, but if he has a girlfriend he could be grumpy just because he’s not getting laid for five days. That happens to some people who are used to regular sex.

If he’s single I have no explanation.

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No he’s single

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I’ve read we men actually go through roughly the same cycle as women…. only we do it in one day.

But honestly, we’re never as moody :)

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I know men who are on weekly cycles.

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No. The phrase “monthly cycle” in this context is a reference to the human female ovulation/menstrual cycle. There may be cyclical hormonal cycles in all of us but men do not have an analogue to that.

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Josie is correct, its not hormonal. It could be some other issues that reoccur monthly. It could be when his mortgage or rent or some other related thing comes due.

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Alot of men I know in long term relationships have them, they seem to tune into their partners moods.

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Maybe its stemming from something else. Perhaps its near the end of the month and Mortgage is due. I know when I gotta pay all my bills I’m not too happy about spending all my money on bills. Then hey, a week later, its pay day again so I brighten up… Just a thought.

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He is probably experiencing SRH (Sperm Retention Headaches). This is the male equivalent to the female’s PMS.

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Ah the dreaded SRH syndrome.

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I liked especially the reply of @filmfann, and it could be true, same with the topic of rent time and mortgage payments, but to add to those, I would like to say all humans function according to many diffrent cycles: If his star sign is Cancer, he could definitly be responding to the filling and emptying cycles of the moon, but other then that, we all respond in some way to the magnetic fields of the giant balls hanging in the sky all around earth (planets), we have monthly cycles, 7 year cycles, 10 year cycles….

I think it’s absolutly brilliant that you noted that about your friend, and I would suggest this: try to find the pattern of you own cycle! actually, I will also do it myself ;)

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It’s possible he’s going through some kind of cycle, yes. More and more people are starting to believe that men do experience something very similar to PMS – just, like someone else said, without the blood.

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Could be he gets sex three weeks out of the month, and that’s all.

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@Val123 – no he gets none. Not only does he work with me he lives down the same street, drinks in the same pub and shops at the same shop as me. I’m liking the SRH theory.


No, we don’t. But I can tell you we do have “minute cycles”——we think about sex at least once every minute or so, perhaps even less than that.

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