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Where I must visit on my first trip to Barcelona?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) June 30th, 2010

I will be in Barcelona for 3 days next month and will be glad to here which places I MUST visit on my first trip. If anyone can recommend special places and not boring one and where to eat well at night.

I’ll be there for three days on a weekend, so maybe some places are going to be close?

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Las Ramblas are definitely the place ( or district ) to eat. Its a huge long thoroughfare and has loads of restaurants to suit every taste.
Theres also a place called Little Spain or Spanish Village where there is a house built representing all the areas of Spain and is very interesting.
Also there is the museum dedicated to the artist Salvador Dali if your into art.
Last but not least is the Familia Sagrada Catedral, which is a beautiful work of art and is still not finished.
Barcelona is a beautiful city and you will enjoy your visit

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If you happen to be a LOST fan, too, I just learned about a bar over there called Bharma.

Sorry, I’m very uncultured and that’s all I know about Barcelona. Also, the Olympics.

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Parc Guell is an absolute must. It was my favorite part of the city when I visited a couple of years ago. It is a beautiful park designed by Gaudi. I highly recommend a visit. You can get there by bus pretty easily.

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@Ranimi23 Hi! I am headed to Barcelona myself in a few months—my first trip as well. So, I will read the answers here with an eye to that trip. For fun, you might want to read Zorro by Isabel Allende. Half the book takes place in Barcelona.

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Go see an FC Barcelona football/soccer game

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What are you most interested in seeing? Art, architecture, gardens, beaches, etc?

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Here is a the list of must see places in Barselona-
• L’Aquarium de Barcelona
• La Pedrera
• Barcelona Zoo
• Cattedrale Barcellona

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iGanó España!

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