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What's your most favorite sad song?

Asked by stuff12 (245points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

mine is “timothy” by jet

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Elvis Costello’s *Favourite Hour” from his album “Brutal Youth” I don’t know why but I ball like a baby every time.

And… “Baby Mine” from “Dumbo”

*Costello is British

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“let go” by frou frou

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I agree ppcakes, I really like that one too

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i have other sad songs, but there only sad in the way that they relate to my life, other people wouldnt find them sad!
but i think limousine by brand new is kind of sad.

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“Insensitive”—Jann Arden
chills me to the bone.

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@ ppcakes-Heck yeah! Limousine is real sad. As a matter of fact, “the devil and god…” is a real depressing album. I love brand new though!

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Some Devil by Dave Matthews
watch the movie 21 Grams, it plays at the end.

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Inside out by Eve 6

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Across Five Aprils – A Year from Now

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Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap
This Is Our Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley

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@iceblu, story of my life much, i love that song!
@randy, it is a sad album, but i love brandnew anyways too!

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My Little Town by Simon and Garfunkel
Where’d You Go? by Fort Minor
Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down (not so sad, but it applies to my life in a sad way)

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Hurt-NIN and Johnny Cash both versions are great

Long December Counting Crows

Time and Time Again Counting Crows (sorry no good video on youtube for this one)

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I Can’t Make You Love Me if You Don’t – Bonnie Raitt
Lover, You Should Have Come Over – Jeff Buckley
This Woman’s Work – Kate Bush
Sad Song – The M Ward version

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hate me by blue October and aloft that song from donnie darko mad world

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The Other Woman – Jeff Buckley
Alice – Tom Waits
Hurt – Johnny Cash

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Since it just popped up on my iPod shuffle yesterday, I’ll say one of mine is Our Town by Iris deMent. Fans of Northern Exposure may be familiar with it since it played at the very end of the final episode.

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“how it ends” by devotchka

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how it ends is a good sad song, I agree

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