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When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried and why?

Asked by Brunty (93points) March 18th, 2008
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My partner and I were making fun of people that say “this cracked my shit up” while waiting for my cousin to join us for dinner. He finally showed up and told us about his day, during which he said “that cracked my shit up” 4 times. We fell out of our seats. We were dying. The best part is my cousin was under the impression that we were laughing because of his story – which was very boring.

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I was playing duty 4 and I started act like one from halo 3 on youtube. And haha I made my bro crying and laughing so hard. Like I said hehehehehe beoyouch after I shoot him. Lol I’m just a girl i don’t play often.

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it was last week… My class was having a party and my friend took my iPod and started to listen to doctor suess’s one fish two fish red fish blue fish. And it goes do you like to go hump on your wump? Mr. Something has a wimp with seven humps. And we were going around yelling that in everyones face and the teacher walked in and gave us this hysterical look so we both broke out into laughter, and she made me cry!! Ha ha goooood times…..

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In a hotel room, my SO was sitting in a chair facing the bed. I walked up behind him and gave him a little poke in the ribs. He is extremely ticklish, so he shot out of the chair, and flew across the bed, landing head over heels between the bed and the wall. Then he poked his head up with a surprised look on his face. His mouth was shaped in a little “o”. It’s one of those slapstick things that aren’t really funny unless you are there, but I laughed until I couldn’t breathe. I’ve been calling him rocket man ever since!

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i do this quite often actually but the last time was when my friend and i went to play in the park and slide down a concrete slide (you use cardboard to slide down them.. so fun) but the slide has a curve in it so you have to move with the curve and she didnt know so she hit the wall of the slide. i was right behind her so i ran into the back of her and got spun around. she landed first. since i was sliding down backwards i yelled out her name to let her know i was right behind her. she turned around and a second later i landed on top of her. it was hilarious! the next morning we both woke up with bruises and laughed about it all over again.

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