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How to have a great bikini body?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) July 2nd, 2010

I am not that self-consious or anything, but when it comes to being in a bikini..I can be, I have long hairs coming from my private parts so I think that’s also what makes me feel ugly and stuff. I shaved the hair once so I think that’s why it’s grown much longer…how do I get rid of these hairs and also how to have a good body, I am 3 times in soccer so I run a lot.

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The hair is normal and shouldn’t make you feel ugly. You can also go for the ‘boy shorts’ style bottom or put on a shrug.

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Shaving shouldn’t effect the length of the hair when it grows back so I wouldn’t worry your self with that. You could try getting it waxed but I have to warn you that it hurts like hell (well it did for me sniff). After that find an outfit your comfortable with and then don’t worry about it. All the boys will be too busy admiring you to notice the details and all the girls will be too busy worrying about what they are wearing, nevermind anything else.

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yea that whole shaving hair grow back longer/faster thing is a myth….

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I do have like beach shorts “link“
but my hairs grom much longer and darker:O
Like this weekend me mom and dad and me are going to stay at a hotel until Tuesday, that’s our summer vacation..
I want to be going to the swimming pool everyday. I also want to buy myself a new bikini:D

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why doesn’t my link think work? how do I put something in link? :O

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@Thesexier you forgot to put a : between “link” and the link

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You shaved it once? That’s like asking why you get cavities when you brushed your teeth once.
If you don’t want hair sticking out, shave often. Or get regular waxes.

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@Lightyseared lol damn!:O

@likeradar, ok then I will just shade more often, going to wax costs a lot just because it’s in a strange area:O

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Yep, it’s not cheap. But plenty of women do it, and you really only have to think about it once every few weeks.

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If the hairs are long then you can comb and trim but if the hairs are growing where bikini shorts won’t cover then yeah, it’s going to hurt to not see them. Shaving is cheap but it sure sucks.

As far as body shape goes, I’ve observed if a person has a smooth but not necessarily slim or ripped torso then everything else looks a bit better. My own ribs and tummy respond well to standing leg lifts and kicks which require my core concentration while everything else moves and sweats.

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@ Well yeah I think I will just keep on shaving, it’s better than having hairs…also how can I get a toned stomach? not like celebs but you know, so I feel comfy with stomach in a bikini:/

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Exercise. Sit ups and crunches.

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As for the “bikini body” question: eat less and exercise. Period. Instead of just laying around the pool, get in it. Swimming is perhaps one of the best all-around exercises you can do. Move around in the water, use the water as resistence for exercises, do underwater handstands, then try underwater shoulder presses, starting in deeper water, then gradually moving to shallower water the stronger you get.

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