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How widespread are the iphone 4 signal problems?

Asked by Spines11 (41points) July 2nd, 2010

How widespread are the iphone 4 signal problems?

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Anecdote: I have an iPhone 4 (as do the other Fluther employees).

We all can recreate the bar issue, though I was able to on my old iPhone, too. I’m sure I wouldn’t have ever noticed if not for the hullabaloo. My iPhone 4 gets better reception than my old 3G, though Andrew says his is worse.

I think it’s a pretty minor issue overall. The much bigger problem is still AT&T, which frequently drops calls with full bars. I’ll probably get a bumper case, though I don’t think it’s totally necessary.

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There is an article on MSN about it. Might be worth checking out (I haven’t read it).,1777520

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Check this out:

Bottom line: number of bars is, and always has been, a poor indicator of signal quality.

Now read this:

In all likelihood, the iPhone 4 is the best reception cell phone yet made.

I say it’s a real phenomenon, and yet still a non-issue if you’re focused on real-world performance.

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Me, my fiancee, and her brother all bought the iPhone4. We have no signal issues holding the phone normally. i “cup” it, . . . we all hold it without thinking about how we’re holding it and have never had an issue.

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I’ve yet to see a marked degradation in the calls I usually make.

The thing to remember is that Apple sold almost 2 million iPhone 4’s in a weekend. So a few hundred people complaining about it is actually a fairly small percentage of the whole.

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Here’s something I wrote in another thread but I thought it’d fit here too.

After reading several posts on the web and articles by John Gruber I think that the way we compare the 3GS and iPhone 4 by dropped calls might not be the best way to compare reception. It has been reported by many that the iPhone 4 works in many places that the 3GS did not. So the iPhone actually drops calls in what was previously thought of as dead zones. That’s not a step back, that’s an improvement. And while it ma seem silly to say that more dropped calls on the new iPhone is actually better, it’s worth thinking about.

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