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If all the people in the world camped out in your back garden, Would you write and tell the king or would you grab a tent and join 'em?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) July 3rd, 2010

An interesting question once posed by Terrorvision.
I think I would join them. What would you do?

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Neither. I’d suggest that they pair up and check each other out for attached and embedded ticks.

This could lead to some interesting behavior because ticks like to hide in warm and hairy spots on humans.

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@gailcalled – Lighters at the ready!

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tick tick tick tick…..BOOM!

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Join them. It’s a GREAT opportunity to meet new people.

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They wouldn’t be very comfortable. Behind my building is a cobblestone walkway.

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Grab a tent and be the loudest and most irritating of all!
I would need some insect spray though!

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Wait a minute. Who’s our king?

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Ron Weasley, of course.

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@aprilsimnel – I am ashamed that I get that joke.

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Hey, we gingers, light or dark, real or fake, must stick together. ;)

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I’m with @gailcalled

I have a combined space of over 5 acres, with another vacant 20 acres right across my 3 foot wide road.

Bring your gear, pair up for tick inspections and bring glowsticks…no fires on my mountain.

What king?

Everyone would only answer to me..the QUEEN! lol

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I’d wonder how I got such a large back yard.

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Um. Well. Yes @Keysha! Plus would they all be using my bathroom?

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That many people? I’d join em, and have a party. Fuck the king. I mean, if it’s everyone in the world, he’s probably there himself, anyway.

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