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Why do my hands shake?

Asked by clairejay (10points) July 3rd, 2010

well, i’ve just noticed in the past couple weeks that my hands shake, a lot. things like painting my nails and pouring drinks are the worst. i’m young with no other health issues, except for low blood pressure, but that’s nothing. what could be causing this???

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Do you drink a lot of beverages with Caffeine?

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Too much drugs, caffeine or alcohol or too little sleep?

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I’d imagine it could be something serious, you should ask a doctor if you can. I posted a link to this hand exercise video earlier today for this question. I used to have problems controlling my left hand due to nerve damage and these exercises definitely helped in fixing the problem. Maybe it could help you.

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Any tremor should be seen, at least by a GP, if not a neurologist.

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If you are having involuntary shaking it could be caused by a number of conditions from alcohol withdrawal, the onset of Parkinson’s disease to a thyroid condition, the list is long. If it has be going on for several weeks, its time to see a doctor.

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@clairejay “i’m young with no other health issues, except for low blood pressure, but that’s nothing.” Sorry to say, but low blood pressure is just as bad as high pressure. In a not too extreme case you can collapse, dropping like a stone. I’d recommend getting checked out by a doctor pretty quickly.

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Could be drugs , alcohol withdrawal or onset of Parkinson’s . If it isn’t drugs or alcohol I’d see a neurologist.

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Sudden appearance of neurological problems should always be checked out (and the causes for tremors can be many, from no big deal to life-altering)

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My hands shake all the time. Docs couldn’t find anything. Hopefully you’ll have better luck. Make an appointment just to be safe.

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Is it drug induced? If not, look up “non essential tremor” or “benign essential tremor”.
You are not alone.

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this is wierd but my hands shake too. always have, I am a twin and my brother has always had the same problem.

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Probably the cause of over-concentration or nervousness. If you relax and don’t really concern about your hands when pouring a glass or anything small with your hand then your hand-in-use won’t shake. I’ve done this myself. Try to grab a spoon and scoop some water with it in slow motion in the air and see the reaction of your hand-in-use.

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