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If you could take back one thing you have done in your life what would it be?

Asked by oneye1 (745points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone
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Signing up on fluther. I have no life anymore…....

Seriously though. Nothing. I think every single event of my life has been very important to make me the person I am right now. People often dont realize how small events can actually snowball into causing a rather significant change in their life. I also believe you shouldn’t regret anything. Good or bad. Accept it and learn from your experiences.

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I think thats a great answer

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Thank you. ^_^

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Yeah, because even if those choices snowball into negative things, we should accept them as part of the course of our lives.

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I would take back my answer

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I would take back that first initial cigarette. Its an ongoing, money-wasting, backstabbing, ball-twisting, lung-damaging, lazy-making habit that can suck my left nut…..

Otherwise I dont regret a thing, everything thats happened to me has carved me, so much so that I recognize it. I still hate change though, heh.

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Dropping out of graduate school. (Which would probably require a bit of going back and fixing other things too.)

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i would take losing my familys trust in me and wanting to be close to my sisters again. because of one thing i did i lost my relationship with my whole entire family and im the outkast out of my whole entire family

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