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How to best care for garden hose?

Asked by Supacase (14543points) July 5th, 2010

Please settle a dispute. I can find nothing about the issue online anywhere, which surprises me, so I must not be looking in the right places.

To keep a water from bursting during hot summer weather, is it critical to disconnect the hose from the spigot so the hose can drain to relieve all pressure?

Or is it enough to leave the hose connected, but use the spray nozzle to drain as much water as possible as well as relieve sufficient pressure?

Any links for proof one way or another would be appreciated.

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I don’t know about bursting, but I’d unroll and thoroughly empty the hose just to deter the growth of mold, algae, and bacteria inside the hose between uses. Especially if you drink from the hose or have children who like to play in the stream, you really don’t want a hose which smells like a hobo’s underpants.

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Here is an answer from a man thats had 66 years experience with garden hoses. after using the hose, turn the water off at the spigot. relieve the pressure inside the hose, by opening the nozzle. the hose should relax. i would never leave pressure inside a hose. although most are made to withstand the heat of the sun and rising inside water pressure, i would not take this chance. oh, and be sure to remove your garden hose, before cutting the grass. you would be surprised at the number of people that run over their own garden hose with a lawnmower.

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It’s not going to burst with the nozzle open. I would simply roll it up (not too tight) and keep it in the shade away from UV light.

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I store my hose in my basement when I’m not using it, so this isn’t an issue for me.

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When it’s not in use, I disconnect my garden hose from the tap & drain the remaining water from it, role it up onto it’s reel, job done! Until I need it again, I store mine in the utility room at the back of my house..I’ve had the same one for over ten years now & maybe changed a couple of nozzles over the years, so must be doing something right….. :-/

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I cannot understand why a hose would burst in the summer? I keep my connected all summer and winter for that matter. When I turn off the hose I let it semi drain and forget about, I have never had a problem. True that maybe over time you might get more bacterial growth or something like that, because it is in the heat. But, think about it, your house pipes are always full. When you turn off the water in a bathroom you don’t drain the line.

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I do the same as @JLeslie and have had no issues.
My only two hose issues are..kinking on the patio and deck side of the house. ( Pretty sure I was swearing at the hose again this morning. lol)

And…the heavy duty hose on the hill that can withstand about the 200 psi I have going on at that faucet spinning out of control if I turn the faucet more than halfway.

I do get concerned that this hose could blow as the water pressure on this hill is amazing!

I just noticed last night that the connection part of the hose looks like it’s bulging…eeee, seriously dangerous if that thing blows.

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I never do anything with my hose either. 27 years of never doing anything. I’ve never drained it and don’t put it away in the winter (-40C) , either. I guess I’m some kind of proof.

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I just roll it up, drain it and hang it up when not using it

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