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What do you mix with beer?

Asked by robmandu (21262points) July 5th, 2010 from iPhone

Drinking beer this holiday weekend, and my friend remarks that she doesn’t like beer. She’s about halfway through a Blue Moon (Belgian white, wheat beer) and decides to add some Coca-Cola to it. She explains that she heard it’s what they do in Italy. She attempts 1 part Coke with 2 parts beer, tries a taste, and pronounces it as A Good Thing.

I haven’t attempted it myself yet. Seems a waste of a perfectly fine brew. But I probably will.

Besides boilermakers, what else might you combine with beer to shock and amaze your friends?

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Tomato juice and salt is pretty popular but I’ve never tried it.

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I have a friend who adds Clamato. eeewww.

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I don’t mix things in the beer, it’s usually what I eat with it. For instance if it’s really bad beer, I will chew gum while I drink it. My favorite mix though is eating peanut butter m&ms with my new castle brown ale. Man that’s good. Popcorn and a good ale is tasty too!

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Bad decisions.

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Squeeze a slice of lime into the beer.

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Coors light and tomato juice (it’s good).

Half beer/half juice.

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Gaahhhhh! I would never mix anything with beer, my German ancestors would smite me on the spot. However, I have witnessed such blasphemy:

Boilermaker (drop a shot glass w/whiskey in a beer)
Redeye (equal parts beer & tomato juice)

As for beer recipes, brats boiled in beer are acceptable, as is beer can chicken.

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In England, a “shandy” is lager mixed with lemonade. Their lemonade is sort of like 7-Up.

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7-Up or Sprite, to make a Snow White (similar to Shandy, a light version of beer).

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Cider and Beer = snakebite

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someone told me once that if you make pancakes using pancake mix, use beer instead of water for great, fluffy pancakes. sorry – i know you guys are talking “drinks to make with beer” but i just had to throw in that suggestion.

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@janbb In England, a “shandy” is lager mixed with lemonade. Their lemonade is sort of like 7-Up.

That sounds kinda OK…

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@jaytkay My MIL likes it.

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Just my saliva.
And Fat Tire, ftw.

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Nothing with mine, just a cold tall glass & good company.

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In Germany, Radler is 50/50 beer and lemonade. My wife hates beer, but when we were in Germany, she’d order this by the stein at the beer halls and loved it.

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@Megan64 snakebite is ½ pint of lager, ½ pint of cider, a shot of vodka and a dash of blackcurrent (the blackcurrent is optional)

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Chicken wings.

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yeah lemonade to make Shandy. Or more beer, more beer works

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Beer and sex go well together SOMETIMES WITH AMAZING RESULTS

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What a great idea! I never thought of it, but why not? I have four left of my annual six-pack (Blue Moon, as it happens), and have to use them up somehow.

I think I’ll try…
(1) Diet 7-Up
(2) Diet Coke
(3) Crystal Light

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@Jeruba: Use the extra beer to attract slugs. No one is keeping score. I hate the stuff, also.

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@gailcalled You can’t attract slugs on your own?

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is back to report that Blue Moon + pink lemonade = kinda sorta interesting.

This might work out as way to extend 2 beers into 4 drinks.

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I don’t recommend mixing anything with beer. It’s usually good as is. But if she must:

Beer and gingerale. I hear is quite nice, but I have never tried it
Beer and cider (guinness and cider is called a black velvet)

Those are the only two soecific recipes that I know are good. Any dark colas wont work, and any light spirits won’t work either.

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@gailcalled, why do I want slugs? Got a recipe?

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Gimme my beer straight up!

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Pizza, barbecued shrimp, chicken wings and…more beer.

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So then, for me, the big question: if you do mix beer with something—can you add ice?

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@Jeruba @janbb: I have slugs on all green leaves; they like crawling into a saucer with beer in it. The other option requires garlic butter and parsley. But anything tastes good with those.

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Blue moon with an orange. coke? gross!

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“Oyster shooters” with cocktail sauce and raw oyster with favorite lager.

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@Lightlyseared That may be so in a bar with a liquor license, but in most beer/wine establishments ‘round here, the lager/cider mixture makes it.

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The leftover beer can be used to make good bread or batter.

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Nothing. I know people do it but I just can’t imagine it. Beer is beer. I just can’t see mixing it with anything else. I don’t get it. Except maybe using it for cooking. Frying some sort of seafood or shell fish in a beer batter or in sauteing something in beer and butter. I’ve done that.

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People who don’t like the taste of beer should simply drink something else.

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@ItsAHabit: I speak only for myself, and I do (drink something else).

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A dash of lime juice takes the edge off the bitterness of beer. Its why some beers are served with a wedge of lime in the bottle. Blackcurrant juice is nice with dark beers (“Guinnes and Black” is popular in England). Other than that I’d just suggest mixing it 50:50 with Sprite or 7-up to make shandy.

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@ItsAHabit, do you put anything in your coffee? Do you put condiments on your hot dogs or hamburgers? How about mayonnaise on a sandwich? Jam on your toast? Do you put anything with anything, or do you take everything singly, plain, and unamended? Just asking.

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@gailcalled . . . What do you sip on after a particularly harrowing day in Gail Town?

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@Blondesjon: Well, now it’s diluted fresh cherry juice with well water, ice, and mint froom my garden (And it’s Gail’s hamlet, please.) I don’t drink alcohol out of choice or out of standing on a high moral ground; I get ill before I get buzzed. It’s a curse, I tell you, a curse.)

The heat has me sweating all my body fluids onto my tee shirt, so I am swilling various flavored waters all day long.

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@gailcalled . . . Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. You have got a fairly sharp tongue on you when you are sober. I can only imagine the damage it would cause if it were being piloted by a drunk driver.

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Berliner Weisse [a white wheat beer] and raspberry syrup. Best if you order it unmixed and experiment, first with the very bitter beer alone and then gradually adding the syrup to taste the changes in proportions.

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Why does she think she must drink beer? Why not offer wine or a mixed drink?

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