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What's the best/most unusual celebration you can remember from a sportsperson?

Asked by ucme (50031points) July 5th, 2010

A huge variety of ways in which any given sporting stars celebrate.Which that you have seen are memorable in that they are unique or just plain cool/funny? To clarify, i’m after celebrations either by an individual or together with their teammates.Right after a goal or basket or home run etc is scored.

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A couple months ago, this guy hit a grand slam. He was running the bases and when he got to home, where his team was waiting to pounce him, he jumped on the base and landed wrong and broke his leg or his foot I think. Either way, that’s embarrasing as hell.

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Best- This Drew Brees moment.

Most unusual- All of Tiger Wood’s “conquests”. (just had to go there ;)

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One of the most emotional ones was Paolo Bettini’s win in the Giro di Lombardia in 2006, a win he dedicated to his brother who had died in a car crash shortly before.

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@jonsblond Awww cute. Re Mr. Woods, yeah he DID have to go there didn’t he ;¬}

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@rebbel Yes I remember it well. Judging by this years Tour de France so far, those riders really earn their corn.Danger money.

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I was fond of the Mississippi State Bulldog’s line dance they used to do before the SEC/NCAA decided to disallow such acts of celebration. What a bunch of party busters!

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I thought when Brandi Chastain kicked the winning goal in the 1999nWorld Cup and her ripping off her shirt was one of the more intense reactions to a championship I have ever seen!

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Or how about the time when Prince Fielder hit a walk off home run and pretended he was a bomb lol:

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