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If you had to spend your life as a dog or a cat, which would you choose & why?

Asked by ucme (50031points) July 6th, 2010

It’s a dog’s life, but is it though? I mean which out of the two has the more appealing lifestyle? Purely hypothetical & fantastic notion but nevertheless intriguing, well mildly interesting in passing anyway.Await any responses with bated breath….no really!

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I think the cat is better. The dog not as good hunter as the cat. The cat can hunt alone, the dog needs a herd (or what). The cat is more flexible, and has better survival skills. I vote for the cat.

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Sleep, eat, play a bit and groom myself/and my bits (who needs a partner).

Rinse, later, repeat.

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Cat. They don’t need anyone else.

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A cat. They have the ability to be totally independent.
They may be welcomed, loved and pampered, but if they lose it all they can still survive.
[They may miss you and their soft warm beds.]

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A cat owned by a young, rich bisexual girl. It just sounds fun

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Cat! Professional cuddlers, snoozers, explorers, can be self-sufficient if need be, can train humans rather than have humans try to train them. Great agility, senses, stealth. They can live with humans yet maintain dignity and choose their concerns. They tend to live relaxed comfortable lives. Cats don’t need to worry about most human rules, and can often get away with murder.

I wouldn’t want to be a dog. They seem bred to preoccupy about their masters and to be subservient to them, and to obey rules that constrict their will. Even the happy dogs I’ve known seem to usually be worried, stressed, hyper or concerned about something – perpetual appetite, security, dominance, neighborhood-wide barking, mailmen, etc.

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Yep, cat all the way.

Owned by a pampering person of course, like me! lol

Do as you please, roam all night, climb trees, nap the day away, the world is a wonderland.

Cats, the original zen masters.

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Cat – I can be left alone when I choose, or demand attention.

Food, toys CATNIP….nuff said, lounging in the sunshine on a windowsill, watching the dog potty in the rain, sooo many benefits.

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Cats probably have it made. I love my dogs and appreciate their dedication and desire to be with me. I do worry about dogs who don’t have loving people.

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I would get lots of attention and affection.

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Cat because when I don’t want to deal with something I can hide on top of the cabinets and relax.

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Sleep, eat, sleep, groom, sleep, play, eat, sleep…aah…what a life.

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Seeing Eye Dog

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I’d rather be a cat. I’m very independent, I think I could manage quite well a rĂ©gime of alley fights, fucking whoever comes by and chasing rats and crows. Doesn’t sound too different than my adolescent life.
If anything, just sleeping around on couches, beds and pillows and being fed sounds fuckin’ a to me.

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I’d want to be my cat. She’s a spoiled brat and when she’s annoyed with me, she hides in one of her various lairs (where she sleeps for hours) and when she wants attention, she just walks up to me and meows.

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Definitely a cat (but not an exclusively indoor cat). It has the freedom to come and go as it pleases, and can still come back for food and pampering whenever it wants.

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As much as I prefer dogs to cats I think I like the idea of a cats lifestyle the most!

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Only one dog vote in the whole thread!
it’s a dog’s life

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Cat. I wouldn’t like obeying the orders of an alpha dog i.e. human master.

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A cat of course! :D Because i’m a cat person and i prefer cats and i think they’re cooler than dogs, plus they don’t have that uniquely dog “aroma”....ew. I just prefer cats, what can i say? :) I’d want to have an owner like ME of course, ‘cause my kitties can barely do any wrong in my eyes, and they deserve to be treated like kings and queens at all times. :D

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still no doggies except @marinelife and @YARNLADY and @YARNLADY‘s dog has a job to make life fulfilling.

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