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Does anyone have a good way to massage their own feet?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) July 7th, 2010

I work a job where I need stand the entire time. My feet are killing me when I get home. Does anyone have any tips on massage them with out having buy anything?

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Walk barefoot on grass. Then wear squishy-soled slippers.

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I soak my feet in some warm water with bath salts for a bit, then sit cross-legged and massage them with my hands. I use both hands on one foot and mostly use my thumbs to massage the sore spots on my feet. Then I switch and do the other foot.

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I use my fingers, thumbs, and the pad at the bottom of my thumb to rub my feet when they’re sore. It’s nowhere near as good as having someone else do it, but it still helps. Use pressure, squeezing the ball and heel of your foot from top to bottom, rather than from side to side. Side to side rubs all the bones together, and doesn’t feel great.

Another tip is to roll your foot back and forth on a small ball or anything sturdy with a rounded edge.

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I use a can of Yams. Just place it on the floor and roll your foot over it- it feels wonderful. You can also take a spare gel eye mask and wrap it around the can for a jelly massage.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I was inspired and found this hard plastic spiky alligator toy. It’s amazing.

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Are you wearing orthotics inside your shoes? It can make a big difference at the end of the day. Extra arch support is really helpful.

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I need to get some but I don’t have the extra $$.

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your own hands are your best tools, you know where it hurts, what feels good.

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I do the same thing as @augustlan but I take a paint brush and some nice, thick lotion and spread it over my feet with the brush first. It feels really amazing and sorta gets them “in the mood” for the massage. I do the same lotion paint job on my face sometimes as well as a home spa treatment kinda thing.

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I make a salt scrub that is to die for! I’m really ticklish on my feet.. so much so that using a brush or something is unbearable. I just wash my feel, then take salt scrub and rub it in. Yummmy.

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Simone54…you got some great answers to your question! My favorite is using a salt scrub with a pumice stone on the bottom of my feet. It feels soooo good. I will however add….if you ever have the chance to visit a Good Feet arch support store, it may be well worth it for you. Especially if your on your feet all day…you may just need to have some support in your shoes. By the end of your day…your feet won’t hurt like they do now. Good Luck and get those feet happy!!!

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