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Do you ever laugh so much that you cry & what triggered the most recent instance of this?

Asked by ucme (46457points) July 7th, 2010

I certainly have been known to laugh so hard that tears flow. Weird though, I mean the opposite emotion to sadness & yet “crying” ensues just the same. No idea how or why maybe someone can shed light on that as well. So yeah, crying with laughter, experiences please.

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There was a girl at work with some passion marks on her neck…and we were poking fun at her…

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I was watching a video of a girl laughing. I died and cried at the same time.

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@Tink1113 post please?

It probably isn’t that funny to repeat, but I had guests over last night and at some point they were teasing me for my love of salad. Then later someone came over and suggested we have a dinner party, and that person suggested that I bring the salad. It was funny. Apparently I have a reputation :P

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Yep, very frequently. I’m a laugher.
I laugh with my daughter and my friends.

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I do it quite a lot. The last time it happened was watching a Comedy Central special with Daniel Tosh.

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Every so often this happens and I love it. I can’t remember the last time though.

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When Lukas Podolski said that soccer was like chess, but without the dice.,1518,558638,00.html

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@mattbrowne I wonder if he was quoting Jan Koller, his Czech mate.

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Yes! But it doesn’t happen near as often as i would like it to, hehe.

My sister and her boyfriend came over for a bbq and me and husband’s house last weekend. Then me and her got talking about the days we played Barbie (we loved playing Barbie), so we were telling our SO’s about the things we used to do with our Barbies and what their names where and about the personalities we’d made up for them etc. Well, we TRIED to tell the stories but we were laughing too much so we couldn’t speak. We had to wait a while until we’d calmed down. :D

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