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Dreams, goals..things you've accomplished or wish you had?

Asked by stardust (10552points) July 7th, 2010

After reading CaptainHarley’s question earlier, it got me thinking. What dreams of yours have been realised? What’s slipped through the cracks? If you had another stab at making that dream come true, would you do it?

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I am completely content.

Made it to the big 5–0 this year, still looking pretty good! lol
Best friends with my 22 year old daughter, mission accomplished! :-)

Love where I am at, wise, comfortable with myself, at peace.

There’s nothing I would change…it’s all good, and it’s all brought me to where I am right now.

No regrets, no broken or forgotten dreams…I just let life deliver and trust it’s right. :-)

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Wow, that’s fantastic @Coloma Good for you :)

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So far, I have accomplished all of my goals. Like graduating highschool, getting my general studies done, and losing weight.
But since I don’t have a job right now, I am using this time to map out more goals, like going back to school to study either molecular biology, or genetics.

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wish i could sell some songs i’ve written…...
but I’m an over achiever

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I’ve never understood happy people. They seem like an alien race to me, like a whole nation of people oblivious to the existential verities which make life tragedy. I’ve noticed here on Fluther that there are a bunch of self-satisfied (largely female) middle-class liberals who appear to be content to hold utterly bourgeois and harmless views which leave them remarkably free of any sort of existential despair.

My own life is nothing but a long sequence of unpleasant, unhappy, painful events interspersed with occasional episodes of humiliation and failure. It seems to me that anyone who is happy with her or his life has set the bar so low that they must be either unutterably small inside, or desperately lacking in imagination.

“Life is truly known only to those who suffer, lose, endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat.”Ryszard Kapuscinski

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When I was younger, I’d wanted to be a rock star. Now, not so much. I can still sing, but apparently, only very young people are “allowed” to pursue that particular calling. Still working on my other goals, though.

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Raising kids was always a dream of mine and ½ way done with that.

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Still looking for the Time Machine.

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I drastically changed my life over the past under-a-year. Having grown up in the mindset of “go to school, go to university, get a job”, I did just that… and after under 2 years of working at a big technology company I realized that this lifestyle was so shallow and meaningless to me. Go to work, do something you only moderately enjoy, go home, watch TV, go to bed, do it all over again. Where is the fun in that? About a year and a half ago I became aware of the concept of self-sufficiency, providing for yourself from start to finish and reducing your reliance on others. A year ago I fell in love with fiber arts, namely spinning wool and dyeing the finished yarn. Half a year ago I bought a small farm here in Eastern Ontario, 4 months ago I ended my city living phase and officially became a farmer. And here I am now, with ducklings and lambs and chicks and goats and a booming veggie garden. This is only the start of my farming adventure, and accomplishing the goal of acquiring the farm has only lead to developing a list as long as my arm of more goals to work towards, but this is exactly what was missing in my life. The funniest part is 2 years ago, if anyone had told me where I would end up, I would have called them crazy. Me, a technology loving girl in her 20s becoming a farmer in French Canada? It only makes me think of what goals and desires I will have in the next months, years, decades, that I don’t know I want at this current time.

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@dynamicduo That is fantastic and truly uplifting :) I find it very inspiring when people follow their passions. You’ve inspired me. Thank you :)

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Being a parent and raising a daughter who’s now a confident young woman has been my proudest achievement so far.

My next goals are still being worked on but I’m making progress.

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@dynamicduo Welcome to the club! After 4 university degrees and 29 years in the Army, I’ve found my niche as a farmer in New Hampshire. The place has been in my family since 1783 and used to be a dairy farm. Now it’s organic veggies, sheep, chickens and maple syrup. I’m also trying to make the place as energy self-sufficient as possible.

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Dude..are you serous!

You presume and assume a lot!

And how would you know?

Have you personally interviewed all of us so called ’ middle class, bourgois, liberal women that hold benign and harmless views and have suffered no existential angst?

I have TRANSCENDED ( operative word ) many adverse conditions in my life…yep, it’s called LIFE…death, divorce, financial hardships, raising a child, an abusive relationship at one point, and have made it providence by the powers of alchemy, rendered by the flames of adversity and transmutated into something BETTER, STRONGER than my original base prototype.

Grow up little boy…and you too might unsaddle your poor lame pony of victimhood and find your way to the shores of the bourgois and existentially liberated.

Your quoate s right on…except…one can either be embittered or emboldened by their adverse experiences.

I’ll cut you some slack for your young dude arrogant and assumptive attitudes…. part of the journey towards maturity, but..make no mistake about it…you reap what you sow…if you plant ice you’re gonna harvest wind!

I have absolutely arrived in my nirvana through my sufferings and life lessons, a victory hard earned…and one that does not escape most.

Good for me!

And remember a mans just about as happy as he makes up his MIND to be, to toss my own quoate in the ring.

Happiness is born of wisdom…and wisdom comes with age.

The only thing worse than assumption is dismissive ignorance and the words of those that feast on sour grapes show the diet of which they partake of.

Sugar, sugar…

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@SmashTheState And I have noticed how incapable you are at opening your mind to the possibility that not all of us take the time to throw ourselves a pity party here and there because we’re actually focused on moving ourselves and the world forward. Don’t know if you meant me as one of the ‘liberal femals w/harmless views’ but I am offended on behalf of whoever you might have meant.

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@Coloma man, you’re a breath of fresh air.

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@SmashTheState You have absolutely no idea what I have gone through in the last 43 years of my life. You have no idea how many times I have thought that everyone, my family included, would be better off if I was dead. I would think the fact that I have fought myself out of the pit and no longer think that way, and now consider myself to have some value, and some hope for the future, gives me every right to be happy.

I am angry and offended, but I also pity you for not having the guts, or the strength, or the imagination (or whatever else it is that you lack) to do something about your situation. If I can change mine, then you CAN) change yours if you want to enough.

(edited by me because my first writing of this comment would have been moderated for sure)

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Right on bro!

“Victims’ lie down and wallow in the soiled diapers of dispair.
.We have all worn the dirty diaper of adversity..but, sooner or later, those that emerge without a chronic case of daper rash, learn that they are the only ones responsable for powdering their own behinds and stepping into the big boy/girl pants. lol

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@Coloma Nicely put :)

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Without naming a single name, I knew exactly which of the Awful Cliche Club would show up and begin clickety-clicking each other’s up-thumbs, while expressing predictable levels of condescending smarm in defence of what they know, in their hearts, is empty Walt Disney sentimentality constructed over a yawning chasm of existential horror.

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Your projections are is you and only you that inhabit your own chamber of existential horror.

You revel in the image you present….the angry, army of one, been so wronged, Brando-esque rebel spouting the seeds of his own sour grapes through a bullhorn.

Nice try, but your type is so transparent…cry me a river.

Embittered negativity doesn’t attract much joy.

Don’t put down that of which you have no understandng or experience.

You can emancipate yourself from the dungeons and dragons of your own creation anytime you want.

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@SmashTheState You’re entitled to your views and opinions. I’d ask that you leave it at that. It’s one thing sharing how you feel, but another thing entirely to blatantly disrespect fluther members.

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Spoken like a true lady…thanks for the reminder, smoothing my panties back into an unwedgied state. lol

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@Coloma You know I was just thinking how much sense it makes that you and I are thought to be in a clique together…yeah

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I wanna be in the club! Unless I have to do something. Like at all. Then no.

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@JeanPaulSartre LOL…shut you you damn bourgeois

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LOL..Well…you see, where we once stood divided, now we are united by our quick wit and no-nonsense BS o’ meter detectors. hahaha

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I used to want to be an entomologist when I was little. I loved insects. But then I discovered video games, and it all went downhill from there. But I did want to be a programmer…until I found out about beer. Now I want to be a pathologist, and I’m on my way there. I’ll tell you if I succeed or fail after about two and a half more years of uni.

All that just because I don’t think that owning my very own caveman zombie counts.

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