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Has anyone experienced a very slow, sluggish iPhone after doing the new 4.0 update?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11973points) July 8th, 2010 from iPhone

I just did the new update for my iPhone a couple days ago. It is so slow now! It types slow, it’s very unresponsive, and for some reason I can’t use the Internet anymore if I’m on a phone call. Just to unlock my phone, it takes much longer than it ever used to and everything is very choppy. I’m so unhappy with my phone now. I hate the update and I want to go back to the way it was. Is it possible to restore the phone? Or downgrade? Any advice is appreciated!

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My friend with a 3G claims that iOS4 slowed his phone to a crawl. I have the 3Gs, and haven’t seen any similar problems.

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@MrItty My fiancĂ© has the iPhone 3GS also and he’s had no issues. But my phone has definitely slowed down. Just typing this response right now is frustrating me to the point that I want to throw my phone out the window!

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So should I not update my 3G?

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I updated my 3G iPhone to the 4.0 software and have noticed similar things. Very annoying.

I believe there is a way ro downgrade. Let me look it up.

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@tinyfaery No! It offers nearly nothing new for 3G users. All it did was make my phone unbearably slow and after doing some research online, it seems this is a big problem for many 3G users. I’m disappointed in apple. Check out this website…

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Here is the article I had thought of about downgrading.

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@cprevite That’s for a Mac user though. I have a pc.

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I had the iOS4 on my 3g for a little while and it did slow my phone down to a crawl. Thank god for iPhone 4 pre-orders is all I can say.

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The upgrade drastically slowed down my 3G. Typing is horrible!

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Well I have expirienced problems with the 3g and it makes it hard to type on, and makes the games load and play really slow.

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