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Why is my crested gecko running crazy in the cage?

Asked by shimmer_96 (21points) July 8th, 2010

I put crickets in the cage…not the first time either…she was going crazy…like she was freaking out.

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Maybe she is just feeling zippy..having fun with her dinner, excited because she s hungry.

Lonesome lizards need stimulation. lol

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would it have anything to do with the heat?

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Most lizards and geckos enjoy the heat, so I wouldn’t see her restlessness as being discomfort. As the owner of four bearded dragons, I find they often scrabble around randomly, and they have been enjoying the heat wave we’ve been having. Is she still running around? How long has it been since you put the crickets in?

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put in last night…she runs every 10 mins or so…not like towards crickets, but just around…almost like she wants out…

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Has she been doing this regularly prior to the introduction of the crickets?
In my experience, yes the lizards want out, but the second they get there they don’t know what they want anymore, and are scared of the outside world and want back into their tanks!
She could just be getting her daily exercise. If you are suffering through the increased hot weather as I am, the lizards seem to be much more activated because of it.

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Nature is calling…she wants companionship!

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I think if you find her a male gecko she will settle right down.

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Where do you live? I’d guess she’s predicting an earthquake, maybe?

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im in washington state

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Hmm. Sounds like she was just so excited… that you saved money on your car insurance by switching to Geico.

Sorry. You must get these jokes all the time.

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@shimmer 96 I used to live in the PacNW…then it might be a reaction to underground volcanic activity or movement that you might not even detect. There has been seismic activity on the West Coast these past few days….it may also be affecting the area where you live. Animals just know before hand…and it may not be immediate either.

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she did this once before too…had nothing to do with volcanic activity

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Does she have enough room to feel comfortable? Maybe she needs a bigger cage?

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Maybe she wants to live outside where she belongs.

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@jfos Doubtful, animals like this wouldn’t know what to do outside. They’ve been bred and born in captivity. When I’ve let my lizard run around outside, know what he does? Sits there all scared.

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@dynamicduo Maybe he’s just taking in the beauty of what he’s seeing. Or his instincts are telling him to be careful, that there may be dogs about!

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With their little peabrains I don’t think they can do a whole lot of thinking. Instincts, sure. I sometimes take them out with my rabbit and they get along perfectly fine. Back when I was living with a cat, we would put the lizard on top of the cat for a cat-ride. (We’re talking a male german giant bearded dragon, just under the size of your forearm, so no risk to either cat or lizard.) Reptiles are pretty simple creatures, overall. One could easily program a “lizard simulator” and it’d be pretty darn accurate.

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was it taken from the wild. if it was it will die.

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bred in captivity…

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