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Why would one shave the entire pubic area?

Asked by Seaminglysew (1050points) July 9th, 2010

What is the attraction for men when a woman shaves her entire pubic area?

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Better visibility… :-)

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For a man, makes it look bigger.
For a woman, just plain naughty. :-)
Or, sometimes that hair just bothers them.

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From a male perspective:
1.It emphasizes the contrast between men, who are generally more hairy to women who are generally less hairy.
2. It creates a greater impression of youthfulness which is very sexy to men.
3. It’s easier to eat a box lunch without getting pubes in your teeth.

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@SeventhSense Youthfulness? Wouldn’t that be “pre-pubescent-ness”?

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It can’t be explained.

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A tiny bit of hair is good to prevent skin sticking from sweat.
But too much hair is a sanitary issue. Germs hang in there. All genders should at least trim.

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I shave for comfort!

Well actually, because after I shaved once it’s always been too annoying and itchy to let it grow back. So I just keep shaving.

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If a girl wants me to go down on her, she’d better keep keep things tidy. I would certainly understand if she expected the same of me.

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Choking on hair is gross. Throw up your lunch gross. I don’t chow down on part of her scalp for a reason, so downtown better not be a risk to my tummy. Plus, it creates a lot more room you can go.

I don’t think of it as her looking pre-pubescent, I think of it as her looking like she shaves. It’s her choice how she appears, from what makeup she wears to how she cuts her hair. When I see a shaved woman, I don’t think of a little girl, I think of an adult who has chosen to give at least a mild crap about how she looks and influence her appearance, just like people who take showers every day and brush their teeth and brush their hair.

Besides, when she spends hundreds of dollars a year trying to get her skin to look like it did when she was 7, no one says that any man who likes her soft, supple skin is a pedo – because she’s not 7.

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I’m female and I have both shaved and had laser there.

It feels so soft!
Easy to keep clean.
More sensation during sex of any kind.
I can wear the tiniest knickers or swim bottoms and not even think about whiskers showing.

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@Neizvestnaya Yes! I forgot to put why I shave and not just why I like my women shaved – it feels soooo much better.

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I don’t know if it’s the same for women who have preferences for men but I happen to like very much when my partners at least trim is not shave. There’s this bit about being able to run my fingers anywhere without worrying about pulling hair under my fingernail or having hair go up my nose while kissing around.

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@Neizvestnaya I like it when my male partners trim, if not shave. It just makes it a much more pleasant experience for me, which means I’ll do it more, so everyone wins.

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I am not attracted to it because it resembles a prepubescent girl.

I truly enjoy to softness and smoothness of a hair-free mons veneris and
labia majora (AKA pussy).
It makes it so much easier to explore and caress the whole area with my lips, not just my tongue.
I do adore devouring my lover and when she is shaved it is a wonderful bonus.

I normally do the shaving for her as I have many more years of experience shaving an area that is both similar in outer structure (rotated 90 degrees) and because I enjoy doing it.

I know that it gets itchy and rough as it grows back in and my lover does not always want to deal with all the regular maintenance involved.

By the way, I am just as enthusiastic about the region when the hair is in place. I’ve noticed that her pubic region has become less hairy over the years we’ve been together.

Does it shock you that my sexy lover will start to collect social security next spring?
You younger people act as if your generation invented sex.
I understand you are not keen about thinking of people your parents age loving exotic and passionate sex any more than I want to think of my parents having sex.

Guys: you may be drawn to the really young, taut bodies of young women, but let me tell you, you would find it a wonderful challenge to keep up with the sexual appetites of mature 50+ women.
You probably won’t be able to keep up, but the pleasure is in trying!

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@Dr_Lawrence Wait, you aren’t attracted to it but it’s a wonderful bonus?

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No silly, I’m not attracted to juvenile females!

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More things about shaving the nether bits:

It makes guys’ equipment look BIG.
It gets rid of gray.

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I think @Neizvestnaya got it right on. I (female, 22) used to be fundamentally opposed to shaving “down there.” I thought that women shouldn’t do it to please men, etc. etc., but then I was bored in the shower once and got a little creative.

Once you start you can’t stop! Now I can’t stand the sight of my own pubic area if it’s a little overgrown. Also it itches so freaking much when it grows back that it’s easier to just keep shaving it than scratch your crotch all the time.

And yes, the first time I shaved underneath I learned just how soft it is. I hadn’t felt that in years.

But I don’t like when guys shave, it just seems weird to me. Like @SeventhSense said, women like guys to be hairy, so I want them to stay that way.

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<——- female

Once you start you can’t stop is correct. I feel “heavy” if I haven’t shaved in a while. Like getting a hair cut, it’s very refreshing. Looks better in a bathing suit too and much more comfortable. imo

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How funny, I used to think women only did it for their partners until I gave a close trim one day and then went ahead and shaved. After that I was hooked just for my own comfort. I don’t really care for the look of it so much but, oh well.

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Saving shampoo?

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I shave for comfort
Sounds like a Gillette commercial.

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I trim things up to frame the family jewels but damn I refuse to shave my chest.

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I guess if he has a hair dislike or phobia it might allow for some activities to take place that otherwise would not.

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