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What are your pet peeves about how food is served in restaurants?

Asked by JLeslie (61536points) February 18th, 2013

I came up with this Q because of what Auggie said on another Q of mine regarding salad being served on a plate that is too small and if you have to cut it it might fall off the sides. I hate that. I hate it with all types of food. The Q started out as. Question about whether people want salad to be chopped or big pieces. I like my chopped.

I also dislike when meat that must be cut is served in a bowl. It is not convenient to cut food that is down in a bowl.

I also am annoyed when food is served floating in any type of sauce. When I say floating I mean smothered. Whether it be a broth, red sauce, cream sauce, yuck. I don’t want anything soupy unless it is actually soup. Let the others ask for some extra sauce on the side.

Please give me a knife. Asian restaurants are most guilty of not having a knife at the place setting. I know they think everything is cut up small enough, but I probably want it cut smaller and I need my knife to help me get the food on my fork.

If I order two courses and you clear my first course before my second course comes out, I want you to take my dirty flatware and bring me new flatware for my second course. I don’t want to leave my dirty fork on my salad plate or my napkin while I wait for the next course.

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I hate when a bowl of soup has large pieces of meat or vegetables in it, because I’ll have to cut them up. Chasing down a piece of food floating in a bowl of soup is very frustrating! I’d prefer new flatware for each course, too, but it never happens.

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I quit going to table service restaurants many, many years ago. I only eat out at buffet restaurants.

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When I eat Thai or Chinese I want chop sticks. I always end up having to ask.

I find constant service to be disruptive and annoying. But please don’t make me wait long periods of time either.

I always have to special order my food, so please write it down and read it back to me. I will tip you well if you get right the first time and don’t make it seem like an inconvenience.

I like new flatware. What are a few extra utensils in the scheme of things.

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I hate it when there’s some motherfucker’s finger in my hotdog. I mean seriously, if there’s no ring on it for me to pawn, it’s just aggravating.

But otherwise, I’m not really picky on this issue. If I have to find a real complaint, I don’t like when my food is all smothered in something when it’s not necessary. Like say I order fries with gravy, I’d much rather they serve the gravy in a separate little bowl so I can just dip the fries in. Cuz I’m all fuckin’ snobbish like that. But I dislike when they drown the fries with gravy, and then the gravy attacks my hamburger and all the bread is soaked and wet. I feel I can’t complain about this, because I pay for food, and they give me way more than I can hack.
Oh also, I like Caesar wraps as much as the next infidel. But damn it man, I like the sauce and everything, but I’d like to taste the rest of the meal, too. It’s like, settle down, homie.

And I also hate it when I go to some breakfast place, and there’s flies buzzing around my face and shit. That’s gross, and flies piss me off. And I don’t like em. Bastard winged maggot…bastards.

I’d go to fancier places, but I’m cold, hungry and there are wolves after me.

And as far as THOSE go, stop tricking me into buying voodoo cake if it doesn’t actually allow me to raise the dead. Christ.

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I too hate when salads are served in a very small bowl, ESPECIALLY if the dressing isn’t already tossed in. HOW, IN THE WORLD, AM I SUPPOSED TO TOSS IT THEN?

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I hate it when you are obviously in the middle of a conversation with a fellow diner and the server keeps coming over and interrupting to ask if everything is all right. There is a line between attentiveness and insensitivity. I go out to eat to spend time with my friend, not the server.

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@YARNLADY But then you have to get up and everyone in the restaurant has touched the serving spoons.

Which leads me to another pet peeve at restaurants. Last time I was at a Ruby Tuesday’s the woman working where the food comes out of the kitchen (I think it is called the pass) I overheard her say to someone else she had “some sort of sinus thing” and she did touch her nose a few times with her fingers during the hour I was there and continue to do her job. How can somene who works in a restaurant touch their nose? She was probably 50 years old, not some young teen who doesn’t know better.

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It annoys me when I find a caterpillar in my salad and the waiter never apologizes. Yup, big old green dude.
@Symbeline LMAO. That was so funny.

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A breakfast peeve: I don’t want my pancakes on the same plate as my eggs. To keep from eating eggs bathed in syrup, I have to finish them first, by which time the pancakes are cold.

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@thorninmud Just ask for an extra plate and move the pancakes if they are served together. I ask for extra plates all the time when there is a bunch of things I don’t want. I use it as a trash can. Cheese, tomatoes, onions on salad, all that has to come off, sometimes the croutons too. Decoratve green sprig of something, extra plate worthy. Or, if the plate I am served is too full of food I will move some food off onto the other plate so it doesn’t accidentally wind up falling off the plate onto the table when I am cutting. On the flip side sometimes everything is served on different plates and it is difficult to combine and make the perfect bite. LOL. I’m a mess.

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Cioppino is a seafood soup. Lots of tomato in the broth, and lots of shellfish.
It is traditionally served with the shellfish still in the shells, in the tomato based soup.
How the hell do you shell the shellfish without making a huge mess?
I recently went to a nice restaurant, and asked the waiter if the Cioppino was shelled. He said it was, but I didn’t order it, anyway. Two of my friends did, and their sides of the table were quite a sight by the time they were finished.

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Two kinds of waitstaff, either they hover over the table and never give you time to eat in peace, or they give you the bill with the food and then you never see them again.

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@filmfann I couldn’t agree more. I don’t understand why tails are left on shrimp if they are in a paella or some other dish that is meant to be eaten with a fork. Honestly, personally, I don’t like the tails left on at all. Different story ifbtheynaren’t shelled at all because they are meant to be eaten with your hands and the shell is supposed to add to the flavor when cooking. But, I don’t order those dishes.

It also reminded me of when appetizers are served cocktail style when people are standing, just given a napkin, no plate, and it is difficult to take a bite without the thing falling apart.

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My pet peeve is when someone snatches the dishware off tables as soon as they’re empty. A course is served; each diner waits until everyone’s been served before beginning to eat; the course is cleared when everyone’s done. It’s rude and annoying to have a parade of restaurant workers grabbing plates as soon as someone puts down his/her fork, only to leave the slowest eater finishing alone and feeling awkward at a cleared table.

I’ve never encountered this problem elsewhere in the world, just in the U.S. It annoys me so much, I’ve been known to physically restrain a restaurant worker who tries to swoop in on me—grab his arm or push her hand away.

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Salad should never need to be cut. Barbarism.
I also resent it when waiters interrupt you 2 minutes into your meal to ask how everything is. They hardly ever stick around long enough to hear detailed feedback (and right at the beginning of a meal, how are you supposed to have feedback??), so it’s just a token inquiry and all they want to hear is “Great.”
Honestly, I’d much rather have to chase waiters down for service than have them obsequious and stopping by for compliments every 5 minutes.

@SadieMartinPaul : I agree with you. And it’s even worse when someone busses your plate when there is still food on it because they are so used to people being wasteful with food!!!!!

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@SadieMartinPaul I agree they should wait until everyone is done regarding etiquette rules, but I would venture to guess there is a group of people out there who don’t like to look at their dirty dishes when finished. America has a lot of chain restaurants where the goa is to move diners through as fast as possible and turn tables, which means they bus when they can to keep up and also bring checks before they are asked for. In fact, some Americans get annoyed when the waiter does not bring the check once everyone is done eating, they don’t understand proper etiquette is to wait for the patron to request it. Other countries it is completely different. If a waiter seemed to be rushing a customer it would be a big deal and seen as very bad service

@bookish1 The check when you first receive your food is in case something was cooked incorrectly or you need a condiment that was not considered initially. Or, extra dressing after you taste your salad, that sort of thing. Some steak restaurants the waiter asks you to cut into your meat the second it is brought to you to check the doneness, I find that awkward, but I don’t hate it.

Many waiters and many Americans seem to not know to leave their flatware in the 4 o’clock position when done. Or, some waiters do, but other people don’t. Adding to the confusion, Americans switch the fork to their dominant hand, do if they do put done their fork for a moment it isnoften with the knifenon the right side of the plate and easily confused with the signal you are done.

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A dessert peeve: Somewhere along the way, pastry chefs got the idea that plated desserts should be gravity-defying displays of technical virtuousity, and now we see stuff like this. It’s all about the “wow factor”.

I sympathize with this a little bit. This kind of thing is very photogenic; if you’re putting something together for a photo shoot, the temptation to dazzle with visuals is irresistible. And then once enough images like this are out there in the food press, the expectation is that similar engineering feats will actually make their way out to the table. I can honestly say that in my days as a pastry chef, I produced my share of nonsense like this for the food press.

But as a diner, I don’t want this to show up in front of me. Dessert should be inviting. This is off-putting. The very first thing you have to do is figure out how to attack it. And there’s no way around that feeling of doing violence to something that someone worked very hard to produce. It makes you feel like a barbarian. On top of it, most of those add-ons contribute little to the actual eating experience.

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@thorninmud They do it with savory food too! I hate it. Then I have to knock it all down and spread it around on my plate to eat it and it looks more of a mess than if it had been served horizontally rather than vertically. Good answer.

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@thorninmud I get that. It looks good, but how are you supposed to eat that?

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“Are you still working?” When did dining out become work??

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How about when your meal has just arrived, and you haven’t had a chance to taste it. The server hovers over you, holding a huge wooden pepper mill, and asks, “Fresh ground pepper?” This is nothing but a big display. You should taste food before you season it, and—if needed—you’re perfectly capable of using the pepper shaker on your table.

Speaking of seasonings, another pet peeve is a restaurant that refuses to put salt and pepper on tables. The chef is so excellent, you see, that every meal arrives with a perfect balance of flavors. You’re not allowed to adjust the seasonings; you’d only ruin the chef’s brilliant work of art, and he/she knows your tastes better than you do.

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@bookish1: “Salad should never need to be cut. Barbarism.”

Thank you. This drives me crazy. Why not just provide me with a shopping cart of veggies, a knife, and a cutting board?

@thorninmud: “A breakfast peeve: I don’t want my pancakes on the same plate as my eggs. To keep from eating eggs bathed in syrup, I have to finish them first, by which time the pancakes are cold.”

I could not disagree more. The more mixed up a salty egg gets with my sweet syrup and pancakes, the better. If it comes separate, I immediately combine it.

The only pet peeve I have about restaurants in general is that they focus on quantity vs. quality. Sure, there are decent restaurants that don’t do this, but most restaurants seem to provide way too much food. I wish I could opt for the “give me less food of greater quality” option. I would rather leave a restaurant slightly hungry and still thinking about the amazing (but small) dishes I was served.

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@tom_g, I came here to say the same thing. I can’t remember the last time I was able to finish a meal at a restaurant. I wish they’d just bring a to-go container out with the meal if they’re going to insist on serving me a double or quadruple portion.

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@nikipedia – Related to this – I would like the option to order an appetizer. My wife and I realized years ago that we’re just unable to. The appetizer is often enough to fill us both up. I went to a restaurant recently that was perfect. It was 8 small dishes. We were able to sit right next to the chef as he cooked and prepared each dish.

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@tom_g I often order an appetizer as my main meal or split an appetizer and a main dish with a partner if they are willing.

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@JLeslie “America has a lot of chain restaurants where the goa is to move diners through as fast as possible and turn tables”

That’s likely how the bad habit began, but it’s become very widespread. I don’t go to chain restaurants, so I’m seeing this “service” in local, independent places where the owners and/or managers should know better.

Believe it or not, I’ve had this happen in otherwise-empty restaurants between normal meal times, when there were no other customers. There was no need for the staff to free-up our table for someone else, and no reason to rush us along.

A friend of mine is married to a man who eats very quickly. I mean, he really wolfs down his food and finishes when most people are barely getting started. Recently, my friend and her family went out for dinner. When hubby was done with his meal—just minutes after it had arrived—the server reached across other people’s dinners to snatch his plate; she literally leaned over people’s food. Then, she asked, “Would you like to see a dessert menu?” My friend’s a polite, well-mannered person, but she got exasperated and said, “Excuse me, but we’re still eating.”

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I’m easy to please and rarely find reason to complain about my meals out.
The only thing that really pisses me off is when I am starving and get a huge, sloppily put together sandwich or burger that explodes all over my chest and lap with the first bite.
NOTHING worse than having your entire sandwich fall apart and slop all over your face and body. Grrrr!

Seriously, there have been a few times that my hungry and fragile upset inner child has had a complete breakdown and just thrown the sloppy mess down and walked away in near tears. OMG..I so HATE that! lol

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I don’t have many pet hates when dining out, the obvious would be having to wait too long to be served but if it’s really busy at the time I try not to get annoyed about it (I remember being a waitress, a job I hated, and the busy periods could be really difficult when customers acted like we were being deliberately slow!)

My biggest issue is when ordering steak, I have it blue. I don’t like it even cooked enough to be considered rare! However, very few restaurants get it right and I end up with a steak that is overcooked for my taste. When ordering steak I make it very, very clear to the waiter that the less it is cooked the better!!!

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I’m a HUGE napkin user, and I hate, hate, hate paper ones. I know that decent-sized cloth napkins add expense to a restaurant’s overhead, but for heaven’s sake, add a couple of pennies to each bill and spare me from paper napkins that get dirty and soaked too quickly and fall apart,

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My biggest restaurant server peeve is when the appetizers and/ or main courses are not brought out together to everyone at our table, which happens quite frequently.

I also can appreciate an attentive wait staff, but there is really no need to constantly check on us, I like the wait staff who raise eyebrows and make eye contact, but don’t stop to check every five seconds.

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Only slightly off-topic, am I the only person in the world who likes to cut a hamburger in half before attacking it ? Often when I do this, the person I’m with looks at me like I’m nuts, but I’ve always thought halving burgers is a no-brainer. Especially since they (and other sandwiches) seem to be getting bigger and messier

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@KNOWITALL “I like the wait staff who raise eyebrows and make eye contact, but don’t stop to check every five seconds”

I couldn’t agree more. A good server doesn’t intrude and interrupt conversation. He/she lets diners know, by being visible, making eye contact, and using the right body language, that he/she’s attentive and available to help.

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After reading all of these responses, I think my restaurant pet peeves are knowing other people’s restaurant pet peeves. I’m more annoyed by people being annoyed than I am by supposedly annoying things the waitstaff might do.

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@SadieMartinPaul I try to always be very friendly and accessible to my servers and wait staff, make friends if you will, not only for better service but for better placement (away from babies and young children or loud tables), and generally it pays off. And of course I insist on tipping well for excellent service!

Someone very wealthy told me you always treat everyone with the same amount of respect, courtesy and friendliness, from the trash service to the Mayor, and I’ve found it’s very helpful in connections and life in general.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room I deliberately never order burgers because I find them so difficult and messy to eat. Maybe halving it would solve these issues?!

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@Leanne1986, I promise, it works. And it doesn’t change the taste of the burger one tiny bit. ;-)

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room I hadn’t tried that. I usually stick a toothpick throught the burger and the bun.

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Yes,I usually cut burgers in half, but on the rare occasions I hit a fast food place and eat in my car, that is the high risk for burger carnage zone.
That’s why I call “Whoppers” “sloppers.” lol

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Pachyderm_In_The_Room I was with someone yesterday who cut their burger in half. I thought they were weird! :-)

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Burgers are home food for me, not restaurant food, I never order them, sorry.

My husband is a huge sandwich cutter though, even a grilled cheese has to be cut or he’ll get up, go to the kitchen and cut it himself, it’s ridiculous. His mother spoiled him rotten.

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@KNOWITALL It is a joke between my 30 year old son and I that I still cut his grilled cheese sandwiches into triangles on the rare occasions that he is home and I make him one. It is an act of nostalgia and love.

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@janbb, yes, but wasn’t it fun having lunch with me?

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@janbb I get that, I did marry the baby boy of the family- lol

I didn’t know he’d come with all his childhood bunny plates and his big red boot baby cup though…it took some getting used to so if your son isn’t married, you should totally warn his SO!!! :)

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room It was well worth it and I’m glad I brought the cloth napkins you like as well! (Even better than the Lean Cuisines we shared a few nights ago!)

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@KNOWITALL He did send me a photo of the grilled cheese sanwiches he and his SO made last week. It was labeled “Not your Mom’s grilled cheese” so I guess he’s figured that one out!

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This question is making me really hungry now.

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@janbb, by the way, now I know why you ordered an appetizer as your main meal and offered to or split it with me. I love teeny-tiny grilled cheese sandwich appetizers!

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Let me know when you’re in NJ and I’ll make you a platter.

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@bookish1 Hi there!

Yes, as we fellow Francophiles know, salad should be folded, not cut. :-)

Concerning snatched-away plates that still contain food, have you ever had someone grab your plate while there’s food on your fork and midway to your mouth? I have!

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When they charge you for each soda refill, and the soda they’re giving you is coming from an almost empty two-liter container that’s lost a lot of its carbonation. Sheesh. If I knew you’d charge me $1.50 for each refill, I’d go across the street and buy my own damn NEW 2 liter for $1.75.

Even if the restaurant pays full price for that two-liter they’re using, they must make $20 off each one once you factor in all the ice they use and the smallish size of the cups. The real kicker is that they think it’s OK to squeeze out every last drop – don’t they know by the time a two liter container is ¾ empty it has lost most of its fizz??

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@FutureMemory thanks for the facts from fiction.

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I just hate is when I order a wrap and there are big chunks of food in them, because when I take a bite one piece pulls out all the other stuff. Kind of like your salad question, I would like small pieces in wraps so that I don’t have to work and make things weird when I bite into it and all the other food follows. It is always awkward when you pull away from your wrap and a strand of food is hanging there. I love wraps and burritos, but usually won’t order them for this reason. I order handheld burritos to that I don’t have to use utensils, and it’s frustrating when I end up having to.

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@SadieMartinPaul Regarding your response to me, I agree with basically everything you wrote. I think the standards and expectations have changed over time for many reasons. Another one not mentioned is the hurried state so many people are in all the time. I think in some places, like a diner, or stop by the interstate, or a deli at lunch time in NYC, we are all ok with checks coming out without asking, although even then the waiter could ask first.

My husband also eats like a speed demon, I swear he doesn’t chew his food or something. If they clear his plate it doesn’t really bother me like other things do, but he and I both would agree it isn’t right to do it. Especially if the waiter is reaching across a diner who is still eating to take the plate away.

A few people brought up portion size, which really is mostly an American problem. It’s ridiculius how big some portions are. My husband and I often split an appetizer/soup/salad and entree. Especially for dinner at a place with nice atmosphere I like to have 2 or 3 courses (not including dessert) that are small. Some upscale steak houses are a la carte and the sides are huge. What if you are dining alone? A basket full of fries that are like 4 super size Mcdonald’s french fries? That is just nuts. Some restaurants did pare down their posrtions a little bit, because I think they did not want to raise prices when the cost of produce and other items went up about 6 years ago when gases prices went sky high the first time. I’m glad they went smaller instead of charging more.

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The truth is, I really love to cook, and I prefer to eat at home. So, if I have any complaints about my meal or how it’s served, I have only myself to blame. :-)

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We only eat out once a week usually. With all the complaining I have done here, usually I completely enjoy my dining out experience. I like to be served, I like not having to wash dishes, there are some meals I don’t make at home (which is what I prefer to eat when I eat out) and I like being out once in a while.

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I eat out about 3x a week with my husband or friends.

Someone above mentioned the very large portions being served now, anyone else notice how much more often this is occurring?

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Ok. One more…

I prefer a restaurant that has a small menu. Cook a few things and do them right. If I look at a menu and see a burrito next to chicken tikka masala, I’m out.

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I’ve noticed that the finer the restaurant, the smaller the portions.

If you have dinner at, say, a pricey French restaurant with excellent food, you’ll likely get reasonably-sized servings. If you hit a chain restaurant with a standardized menu and pre-processed meals, the place will heap-on the portions. Quality vs. quantity, I guess. Also, the two different establishments have very different target markets and customer demographics.

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@KNOWITALL Actually, I said above some portions seem to be getting smaller. Finally. But, still many restaurants have huge portions.

@SadieMartinPaul I know people who complain if they didn’t get full enough at a restaurant. Chefs are taught to add fat for texture and satiety. It’s so hard to get healthy meals out. I don’t like heavt fat meals, nor do I like creamy things usually, nor butter added to everything. I don’t mean I am watching my health, I mean I actually don’t like it in general.

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Restaurants aren’t there to cater to every little whim. I’m only upset when my order is wrong. I have serious dietary restrictions (Really, between what I can’t eat and what I won’t eat, I’m an annoying person to prepare food for.) and some waitstaff get annoyed when I order a chicken salad without the chicken. Why? I do not know.

Most of the peeves listed above do not seem so egregious. It’s just part of the entire dining experience. If it bothers me that much, I don’t go back or I tell the manager, after my meal, of course.

Having food fall apart, a new dining display that I have to figure out how to eat, slip-sliding salads are potentially amusing.

Please, tip your waitstaff.
Sorry, waitstaff Jellies. I always try to be nice and tip well.

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I forgot to add that I do cut my hamburgers in half (not at McDonald’s, but fat burgers at regular restaurants). I don’t like sandwiches, including burgers, that are loaded up. I don’t want mayo on it, I only want lettuce, no tomatoes, no onions, no pickles. Americans pile a whole bunch of stuff on sandwiches so they are more likely to fall apart.

Oh, and sandwiches that have bread that hurts the roof of my mouth, that is annoying.

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Women: you’ll hate this post. The only pet peeve I have is that some people have them. It drives me bonkers when people ask for stuff on the side – or can you make it this way? Or do you have that thing that’s not on the menu?

Or returning things.

Or sending a waiter back and forth for more napkins/water/other shit.

I hate it and will divorce you promptly.

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@tinyfaery “Most of the peeves listed above do not seem so egregious.”

This thread seems to be for having fun—making observations and doing some harmless venting. Isn’t that what a “pet peeve” is—something that’s mildly annoying but never conspicuously bad or offensive?

Flutherites have been invited to whine about such things as paper napkins and waitresses who say, “Sure, hon.” Nobody’s mentioned food poisoning or being joined for dinner by roaches and rats!

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@zensky LOL. I actually won’t change more than one thing in a dish. For instance if I am going to have a salad, I order no cheese, because that is so difficult to remove from a salad, but I take out the tomatoes myself or give them to my husband. I’ll switch a side if that is customary at a particular restaurant. For instance the chains Ruby Tuesdays and Chilis the sides are more like a suggestion, switch the side is no big deal, the waiter 99% of the time asks if the sides it comes with are ok. If it is going to be a bunch of changes I order something else.

I agree with you. It gets abusive after a while for the waiter, and I very much appreciate their service.

Most of this is in fun, I doubt jellies are out there complaining all the time.

But, I will say this, some parts of the US the food is awful. Laden with fat, drowning in sauce or gravy. It’s gross. I have to change it. They need to get a clue.

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Yeah, fun.

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Yeah, fun.

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I would rather eat dirt than to ever work in the food industry with the general public. Can you imagine the horror stories?

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It’s not that bad! My family’s business is the restaurant business, and I’ve been a part of it since I was a little girl. Now I work in the kitchen and bus.
People for the most part are not that bad.

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@NostalgicChills When I was a little girl, my parents owned a restaurant for a few years. I remember what a difficult business it is.

That’s why I’m sweet and courteous to servers. That’s why I tip 25%. That’s why I don’t send back food unless there’s something truly wrong with it (“I don’t like this” isn’t a good reason). That’s why I express my appreciation to the manager.

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@KNOWITALL It can be a difficult business but it depends where you are too I think. I live in a pretty “friendly” town I’d say, and I serve, and for the most part, 99% of people are nice, great, and won’t stiff you on the tip. There are assholes of course. In fact I had a slew of them yesterday. But usually they are few and far between. In general I really enjoy it!

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room I always cut burgers, sandwiches, even bagels in half. I have a small mouth, and I kind of need a small “corner” to get big food in there without it also getting all over my cheeks.

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@augustlan, evidently I’m not the only one here who doesn’t like ketchup all over my face or tomatoes and onions in my lap. I feel so much better !!!

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@deni We’re in a college town so people are drunk or stoned, or just being jerks. I don’t know, I just feel sorry for the wait staff sometimes. I do always tip well, too, and if someone in my party doesn’t I make up for it.

One time I got a tip that said “Marry a rich man.” Obviously I was a horrible waitress.

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@KNOWITALL I am in a college town too which for the most part, I don’t enjoy the college crowd. I guess my restaurant doesn’t get that many of the college kids, but I will say I do enjoy waiting on stoners. They’re usually pleasant and give me at least a little bit of a laugh. I’ll take it.

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@deni I certainly hope that the stoners give you some decent tips along with those laughs.

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@SadieMartinPaul Like I said people rarely stiff on tips. I’ve never had a problem with em. Just cause they like to smoke weed doesn’t mean they are inconsiderate assholes.

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My main pet hate about food is when it is under-cooked. Particularly – especially – vegetables. Frankie and Benny’s are the biggest culprits of this issue – I even mentioned my disgust at their apparent lack of any understanding regarding the purpose of an oven or a gas cooker and the thing they call ‘temperature’ via twitter, and made a further stab at them on Facebook over it.
I went to three different Frankie and Benny’s with my folks, once to each, over a period of a year. One closer to home because my Mother wanted to go there for Mother’s Day, so we went. The food was cold, the service was dire, the waitress was obviously not handling the pressure of a packed restaurant all that well (so I let that slide – she was definitely a relative newcomer to working for any company), the manager was complacent, sometimes ignorant even. So we never went back there.
Then there was another one closer to my Mom’s. The same bloody problem would you believe it? Undercooked veg. Again. I reckon they must be using the same godawful chef to do the cooking, so that must mean he (or indeed she) must travel a fair ol’ distance to get from my local area to my Mother’s neck of the woods.
The third was the final straw. I have vowed never to go back to another Franky and Bennie’s ever since. My Dad hasn’t quite got that stuck into his head yet because he will suggest we all go there for lunch and before Mom can say a word to agree or disagree I think I put quite a bit of conviction in it when I say “Absolutely not. No.”
Why waste money on food that people cannot be bothered to cook properly?
So unfortunately we spend a significant sum of money on food to die for. We have a brilliant Indian restaurant locally, a great Chinese restaurant back in my Mom’s general direction, and they get more custom out of us because they always get the food spot on every damn time. Positive consistency. Instead of negative. Something that F&B seemed to excel at, and I doubt they’ve changed either.

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