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Is the Canon HG20 hard to use?

Asked by iwannamakemovies (233points) July 10th, 2010 from iPhone

Is it difficult to put on a computer to edit?
Is it just as easy overall as using a flash memory and flash memory only camcorder?

What are all the major cons of the camcorder?

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I don’t know much about the HG20, but I have a Vixia HF S100 and it’s totally easy to use. Should be a pretty similar deal…
Transferring to a computer could not be easier – the fact that it is on a disk already instead of on mini dv or dvd makes it much less complicated. As far as editing, that depends on your program. I personally use Final Cut, which is complicated at first but gets easier. iMovie is pretty self explanatory and easy to get used to.
I’m very happy with my Canon, I’d recommend it to anyone doing amateur video production.

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