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What is some good, new-ish music with electric jazz pianos?

Asked by mememememe (5points) July 10th, 2010

I’m looking for songs that sound sort of like this:

Electric piano, jazzy drums, smooth vocals. Any suggestions?

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In ‘72 and ‘73, Return to Forever, led by Chick Corea on keyboards, included Flora Purim on vocals. I think that might suit you.

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@frdelrosario Hell yeah, that’s my shit right there. Perfect suggestion, totally on point. Thank you! If there’s any other ideas, send them my way.

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Chick Corea is the bomb!!!!
Him and Bruce Hornsby. Brucie has some very soulful moments in there.

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@jazmina88 ....and the Range.

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Sound Tribe Sector 9‘s acoustic cd falls into this category i think

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I’ve heard of and listened to some of Jamie Cullum, he is from the UK and sings Jazz. I think you may like his work.

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@lloydbird nowadays his band is called The Noisemakers. and not touring this year.
He is so personable. Chick, I got to see,with Bela Fleck.

I’m starting to drool, where is the closest festival?

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