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What size do I wear in pants/skirts/shorts etc. when I shop at forever21?

Asked by c_cakes90 (13points) July 11th, 2010

On average, I wear a size 8 in pants. Sometimes I’ll wear a 7 or a 9 depending on the brand. I tried using the size chart on the forever21 site but I dont think its working for me.

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Are you talking about US sizes?

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I’d say 9 or 11/ Large.
Forever21 uses Junior’s sizing.

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Online they don’t use U.S. sizes, I believe they are useing European sizing but I am not sure. And in skirts and some shorts they use sizing by small medium and large

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It should be US sizing…Oh, I see. Go for the 9/10 or a Large.

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Ditto @Facade. I’m size ⅔ or small but always go up a size when shopping there.

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So what about sizes on the jeans. They are usually sizes like 25, 26 27 etc.

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That’s your waist size. You may have to try on a few sizes to find the right fit.

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