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What should I get for my first welder, arc or stick?

Asked by XOIIO (18246points) July 11th, 2010

I am gong to get a used welder, and the guy has 2, arc and stick welder. What kind of welder should I get? I won;t be doing lost of heavy duty stuff, and if I can afford I might get both, but if I have to chose one which should it be?

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‘pends, I think you should get the arc.

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Arc welders use welding rods inserted inside a clamp. That is called stick welding. Are you sure you didn’t mean arc vs mig or tig? MIG uses a moving wire as its electrode usually with argon gas (to displace the air) to give better welds. TIG usually has a stationary tungsten tip that is used for sanitary type welding, usually on stainless (this welder uses gas as well. You do not want a TIG! MIG works best for light duty welding and makes cleaner welds and is much easier to learn to use. Arc welding on the other hand will take ALOT of practice. MIG sounds like it would be best for your application. However an arc welder can work very good as well on thinner metal with practice, proper amperage settings and the correct type of welding rod. You could probally get by with a 6011 rod but a 6013 or 7014 works great for thinner metals and are easier to use. I would find out the amperage rating on each of the welders and look up this information on the internet because there are many variables with welders/rods and applications. I am also assuming you are going to be welding carbon steel.

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I’ll try to get the info from him.

I’m not sure what exatcly I would be welding. I have some road s signs that I would practice on, and I had an idea for an adjustable work table that uses a car jack (scissor kind)

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