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Wax or shave?

Asked by xStarlightx (411points) July 12th, 2010

Would you rather wax your legs or shave them?

Including any other part of your body.

Lemme know.

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Shave (“the situation”, as well).

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as long as they are smooth i don’t care what you do baby

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Shave. I don’t have a “situation”. I was blessed with very little hair.

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@chyna “the situation” is another name for name for the va-jay-jay, lol

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@jjmah I know. No hair. :-)

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I prefer waxing. The only downside is that you have to let it grow out a bit before you can wax again, so I usually end up shaving.

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Do i look as if i like shaving? ~

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wax wax wax. epilate in-between. and lots of exfoliating. it’s worth the pain.

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Trim, trim, shave!

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I would rather wax, but the effects don’t last long enough to make doing it worthwhile. Shave.

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Shave. No reason it has to be painful.

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Shave. I’ve done the wax and it ends up pulling skin to where I peel and shed for a week, blah. Laser is great but it’s more expensive than wax and it hurts exactly how you’d imagine a patch of skin would zapped with a laser.

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I don’t do my legs, but I would say shave ;)

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Don’t forget to trim too. Epilators sometimes come with shaver heads that you can use to trim with an attachment.

@Neizvestnaya try moisturising more- I moisturise daily and it stops that from happening. and yeah laser would be the ultimate if we were pain resistant.

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Epilating is also a must for armpits, it grows back sooooo fine. Hurts more than anything at first but it’s no longer painful for me. I used to shave my armpits and it itched so much I looked like a monkey all the time. Haven’t shaved anything for about 3 years and I’m doing fine.

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@ninahenry I tried that but the fumes were too much for me to do it on a regular basis.

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I guess I have to mow!

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Tried that years ago but I think for some of us the wax just isn’t right. Tried all kinds and different salons but all with the same result. It’ll be back to the laser for me.

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