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What color should I paint my house on the outside?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 12th, 2010

I bought my house over 5 years ago. It’s brown and a tan (which I figured out was a yellow at one time. Porter paint is having a sale, so I got swatches today. I’ve been stewing over this a long time. My roof is red. I was going to take the brown away and go with charcoal grey. Maybe do a yellow or light orange. I’m surrounded by a picket fence, now in brown…going to a stain?
i have a beautiful periwinkle swatch. Do you have to match your roof? I have lovely tiger lillies in front (orange)
What do you think, design team?

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Yellow- then you’ll have red, yellow and orange. You’ll have the cheeriest house on the block. You can always paint the front door to match the roof, or plant some red annuals to bring the color down from the roof. Or a wreath- you get the idea. Brown is a neutral (in most cases) so you should be fine.

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Is your house in the sun or the shade? Which direction does it face? Are you in a warm climate or snow country? What color are your neighbors’ houses, if they are close to yours?

You don’t have to match your roof.

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I would also go with a buttery (not neon bright) yellow. I would not do orange or any funky colour…if you decide to resell, orange would not be a selling point. Buttery yellow with a red roof as @gemiwing suggested sounds great. And you know what? A red door is good luck in feng shui so you can bring the color off the roof onto the door. I would eventually paint the picket fence in white (but that would be me.) And some bright red geraniums in window boxes….the final touch! Good luck!

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I like cream, doesn’t show the road dirt to much, goes with most any trim color (including a red roof). I also like gray for the same reasons. There is a house up the street that is cream with a pretty medium blue trim and stained picket fence and lattice on the front porch. It looks great.
Show us a pic, then we can suggest!

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rooneytoo has the right idea. What style is the home, ranch, cottage, spanish….and what style is the siding, stucco, T-111, lap….and what is the roof material, composite tab or architectural, tile, metal, shingle….we need some more info

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Yellow. I love a yellow house.

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I would say a nice light blue, like a country blue, not baby blue. I’ve always wanted a blue house with a red door. A blue house with a red roof sounds pretty good too.

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I have always love a clay grey main paint with muted burgundy red trim and a red front door. Should “pop” nicely with a red roof. Nice brass kick plate on the door with brass hardware! A nice potted yellow rose bush by the front door would finish it off.

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I’m not photo savvy guys….built in 1955, this has some huge trees in the front and covered back porch, not much lawn. Has brown and tan, including a carport. Ranch. The fence is long around back. I think it’s plain shingles. Faces west. brick and vinyl on 1 side. shrubs galore.

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What the hell is periwinkle? I thought periwinkles were some kind of crustacean.

Like you’re gonna take any of my design advice after this, lol.

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A light gray will go well with the roof.

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probably yellow though

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FWB asked what periwinkle is too…..Blue family.
@wundayatta I love your advice…...Should I glue crabs and lobsters to side of house?? :)

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how will the stain fence look with said colors??? I’m liking grey and yellow, but the periwinkle is nice.

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On the old Queenslander houses stained wood trim and fences are often used with the painted houses and it looks great. If you want I will try to take a pic for you on Thursday???

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@rooeytoo . Please. Fence is going to be hard….it’s covered in ivy.

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@jazmina88 I am kind of partial to those Cape Cod style houses with old nets and lobster traps and buoys and whatnot hanging off the eaves or attached to the walls. Or maybe they are piled somewhere in the yard. Whatever.

I live in a historically designated neighborhood. We have yellow and red brick, gray and green slate roofs. In theory, historically correct paint colors complement the other building materials.

Is it a red asphalt shingle roof? What is the style of the house? How many floors? How far do the eaves overhang? Can anyone even see the roof? How bright is the red?

I think one way to go would be a bright white, like in the Mediterranean. You could pretend there was sun all the time.

Blue? Maybe—if you had purple trim or something like that. Or white trim. Here’s a site that let’s you play around with colors—I think. You might like the grayish-blue.

When I googled “red roofed houses” most of the colder climate houses used white. The warmer climed houses seemed to use a light tan or yellow color—earthy tones.

Not look what you’ve made me do! Do not encourage me! I have no eye for color. I believe in the three cardinal colors and the next three and maybe the next six, but that’s it. Everything else is a fabrication of the minds of women and artists. Men have no business thinking about color or decorations or any of that!

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@wundayatta I’m so proud of you!!!!!
i guess red asphalt, ranch you can see the roof, but dirty red,.
i have a leak.

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