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What are some nail art ideas?

Asked by ArtsyFartsy23 (81points) October 6th, 2010

I am looking to paint my nails with a design of some sort. It can be anything, for I will be only going to school. I would prefer something relatively easy but cute-looking, and it has got to have at least two colors! Any suggestions? Any help is appreciated :)

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Leaves are pretty neat. You could do it in red, orange and yellow for fall.

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I my inspirations from Moga Brook Studios, but it takes a bit of patience to navigate, lots of trial and error clicking.

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Bedazzle them and really impress your friends!

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Paint them as individual little teeth.

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Depending on how old u are you could do hearts or a French mani, stars or just one line through the middle, I like to do one nail a diff color than the rest

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1. POlka dots , green as the base color and black as the dots. (it looks really cute and easy to do)
2. Paint your nails a bright color, and then use the opposite of it or something like that to make stripes, the stripes dont have to be perfect, just use a t0othpick if you dont have nail art brushes like me. can check out this blog also, I know some of them seem very hard but if you just take your time they’ll pay off afterwards
5.jUST GOOgle what kind of nails you want yours to be and am pretty sure there are alot of pics and there is forsure something thats going to interest you.
6. you could do leopard print. _I tried it out myself with a a toothpick and it just didnt work at all.
7. Or you could do flower on one finger and paint the other finger one color.

Happy painting and if you need anything else nail related just leave me a comment cause I enjoy talking bout nails.

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You could do a base colour and then use another colour to make a heart or a flower ect.

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