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Have you ever gone out naked in the rain?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 13th, 2010

There’s a nice rain outside, 6 in the morning, not a peep awake back here in strawberry fields. I remember once putting bumper sticker on my car in rain, drunk with bf. naked. I streaked down the street in jr. high with only my gotchies.
Doing it alone?? locked up…but with a pal, laugh it away.
Get nature’s cleansing and DANCE.

Would you? Have you? I dare you. :)

PS I got edited for using redneck “necked” and had to fix my typos :):) Thank you mods, from keeping me red.

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Do you mean nekkid? As opposed to having a neck?

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I guess I mean nekkid, bare bones…..I did not know the proper spelling for my fave term.

I do have a neck….necked…to kissed passionately down your throat??

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The proper spelling is naked. But my Mom always said “nekkid.”

As to your question, no I have never danced nekkid in the rain, but I have done it barefoot and in a bathing suit so i understand the feeling.

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Not in the rain. I like it in the sun, so I’ll be tempted next time there’s a rain.

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@Adirondackwannabe not much different…actually, naked is naked! lol Nothing wrong with either if you are in private area with your s/o! Throw the bathing suit off and have fun.

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Not yet. I live in the city, so that’s really just a great way to get myself on the sex offenders list, but it’s definitely on my bucket list.

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I do every day…

It’s called a shower.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Meg and I did that a few times. :^)

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Yes I have, thanks for asking! Great memories. I am pretty sure ones I will repeat. I adore being nekkid outside. Every backpacking trip I have been on has involved me naked in nature.

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@ChazMaz only a shower?? show your wild side for a minute. become a caveman.

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One of my fav. things, to sit in my hot tub naked in the rain. ;-)

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On several occasions I started out clothed by ended up naked because of how wet I got.

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Sounds like fun, can I bring a buddy?

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@janbb don’t you have a bunch above you already or was there a specific one you were meaning?

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@sleepdoc Oh – a group party would be fun too.

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No. I’d be arrested for indecent exposure. I’ll wait until I’m in the country somewhere.

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@janbb looks like there is already one going on

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@aprilsimnel: I am in the country somewhere and do occasionally dance around in the rain. Milo averts his eyes.

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@gailcalled Doesn’t Milo dance nekkid in the rain too?

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@janbb: MIlo here; Me? Get wet? Check out step one of my exercise warm-up routine.

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Didn’t know they had saunas for cats!

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@janbb: That’s just my priceless antique armoire from Alsace-Lorraine.

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Yes. not giving details

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No, but I’m willing to try – with the right partner @jazmina88 ;-)

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Heck yeah…the only way to get clean sometimes when back country camping. Even did it a few time just because how good it feels and to piss off the crazy lady across the street!

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Then I danced in the pale moonlight! Next moment I caused a lunar eclipse, even the moon couldn’t take it!

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Lurve for gotchies

Yes. Out in the rain and ran into the lake with my bits and bobs all breezy.

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Breezy bits and bobs…;)

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@wilma That’s right. ;-)

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Yes, it’s one of the marvelous feelings I’ve experienced and best when I’ve shared it with a loved one.

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@zenele I can meet you halfway on an island somewhere…...far away from oil slicks…....and the paparozzi…. .I’ll give you the sun and rain nudity tour!!!

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