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Why does Coke taste better out of the glass bottle?

Asked by tirithalui (408points) July 14th, 2010 from iPhone

It’s always seemed to me that the tastiness of coke goes in this order from good to bad.

Glass bottle.
Draft (bar nozzle).
Plastic bottle.

Why do some taste better than others? Or is it just me being crazy?!

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Cause that’s the way it’s spozed to be drunk.

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Draught is probably the mixture of syrup to soda not being right. My pet theory is that the beverage reacts with the plastic and the inside of the can. Glass is pretty neutral, I think.

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draft—the Best !! I love fountain Cokes!!
glass bottle – um , 1970 had one I think…
Plastic bottle.
Can—Must be poured into a glass w/ice. To drink it out of a can is disgusting.

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Actually, anything tastes better out of a glass bottle than a can (metallic taste) or plastic.

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Coke is best Cold, Very Cold and effervescing.
I would run the test with all the drinks at the same temp. and into a glass of ice cubes.

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Psychological difference, can or bottle. Even if you are a post modern Coke drinker, you are familiar with the iconic Coke bottle design. Objective difference between draft and bottle. Draft not always consistent in quality. Contemporary political/environmental bias against plastic bottles.

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Could be your getting Coke made in Mexico. It has real sugar and is so much better than corn syrup Coke.

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Anything tastes better out of glass.

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But why do things taste better out of the glass? Is it just more innert?

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Likkebaardend lekkerlessend kloekdrinkend frisdrinkend stemmensmerend razendflitsend snelvibrerend koel koel koel sissende Pepsi…

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@mrentropy Your pet theory is confirmed, more or less. Coke will eat through cans and bottles if left to sit for a couple years perhaps longer for the cans, which are lined on the inside to prevent that sort of thing.
@tirithalui You’re not getting dissolved plastics and can lining. Glass has a long history of safely containing even the most corrosive of compounds.

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I also prefer a fountain soda to bottles or cans.
I also prefer diet sodas to regular.

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Did you all know that coke bottled in Canada tastes very different from that bottled in the USA.

In Canada it is sweeter and more bubbly. The colder part is natural here!

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Coke out of a glass bottle defintely tasted better. i was around when Coke was in a glass bottle, back in the 50s. there was also a glass bottle of Coke in the liter size. i have some of those old bottles somewhere. the glass added no aftertaste to the drink. most of the corked caps seem to also keep the Coke fresher. some of these old Coke bottles are worth a fortune today. i have several.

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You tell me that there are no glass bottles with Coke sold anymore in the US?
In Greece they do, although they probably aren’t the same design as the ones you talk about, but from glass they are.

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In Mexico, the Coca Cola is made with Sugar, rather than the Corn Syrup they use in the States. It may be the same reason why Canada Coke tastes different.

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@rebbel Sam’s Club (at least, my Sam’s Club) carries cases of Coke in glass bottles and shipped in from Mexico.

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And you (and Sam’s Club) are in the US?
If so, i take it that there are no US produced glass Coke bottles?

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@tirithalui Nobody doubts that wine tastes best out of a glass bottle. Maybe you’re just are a connoisseur of the fine nuances of coke. :p

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@rebbel We are. Sadly, the only American-made glass bottles of Coke that I’ve encountered are released to commemorate stuff. You can sometimes find them in junk stores.

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same goes with beer. especially imports. when they put heineken in a can it just aint the same as the bottle. not a big fan of heineken because the aftertaste is too wet and lingering. but to answer your question, the bottle tastes better because when we pour something, it’s in a glass—not a can. what would you ratehr drink tap water from? a can or a glass? you know?

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You crazy Americans, you ;-)

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I love Coke from a glass bottle. It’s hard to find around here. So next best thing is a can.

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Canadians prefer many of their foods sweeter. It is no good for us, but manufacturers try to give the customer what they want and for which they will pay.

Maybe, in a colder climate we need (or think we need) more food energy (calories).

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Wrong Nullo. Coke is distributed in the US in 8 oz glass bottle six packs. I see them here all the time. I also see the 12 oz Mexican import bottles that everyone seeks out because they might be made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. There are rumors that they sometimes use corn syrup, sometimes cane sugar, and sometimes both depending on what they can get their hands on. The label tends to be somewhat vague.
I also sometimes see the old 1 liter glass bottles in shops.

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@breedmitch You simply cannot write off my personal experiences as being wrong unless you were there with me, and I’m pretty sure that you weren’t. :\

That said, I’m glad that at least some areas have them.

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I have to go to the store today, so I think I’ll check on glass bottle availability. I know my grocery store sells the Mexican glass bottle Cokes in the fridges, but I’m not sure about the glass bottle American six-packs.

I know you can get American made sugar cane Dr Pepper in a bottle, if you’re very, very lucky.

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Someone please tell me that the Cokes made in Mexico do not contain their filthy water.

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@john65pennington I wish I could. I know someone that bought a case of the stuff and ended up with the runs. I would hope the water is filtered but in this guys case that doesn’t appear to be the case. Of course it could have been a coincidence.

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The cokes from mexico in the glass bottles are made with REAL sugar so they taste better…. And it doesn’t have all that disgusting crap in it….. UGH!

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