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Is the Wii a baby console?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) March 19th, 2008

Is the Wii really the console for kiddies and old people. I’m looking at getting a new console and would love some FPS and shooter games that use the wiimote like a gun. Is there much out there?

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not really, the only shooter type games on the Wii I can think of is Metriod Prime 3 and the medal of honor game for the Wii. But the Wii is still an awesome system and should not be over looked!

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Im 19 and i love my wii. Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Brothers Brawl how can you go wrong? As far as FPS i dont think theres much out there yet thats good. I do know however that Resident Evil 4 uses the wii mote to aim your gun.

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The Wii is weak in FPS land. A 360 might work out better for you. But I love the Wii. Me and my old ass friends have a lot of fun playing with it.

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I have a wii & I love it. I dont play shooter games but its defintely not just for kids & old people. Its sooo fun. I’ve been playing guitar hero like crazy. I’m really good too only my fingers are too small to reach the fifth button so I can only play easy & medium. :-(

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If you’re really hell-bent on the Wiimote FPS idea, then there are a decent amount of games. Trogdor mentioned Prime 3 and Medal of Honor, which are both pre-wiizapper, and since the zapper has come out, there’s the resident evil games (umbrella chronicles and RE4), and link’s crossbow training, which is addicting, but only amounts to a target shooter. I even heard that Call of Duty 4 is going to be released for wii soon, but don’t quote me. mainly, you’re going to get a much better FPS experience on the 360, because the focus on the wii is in other places. It’s not a bad system, it’s just moving in a different direction from the rest of the aming community.

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its a casual gamers counsel aside from about 4 games

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Baby console? That’s debatable. Though to break it down in a little bit different manner, when I’m by my lonesome, I find myself reaching for my 360 controller, but when my buddies are over, we’re playing Wii Sports or Smash Bros. So take your pick, it’s all about what kind of games you (and your friends) enjoy.

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They just came out with an EXCELLENT FPS called The Conduit. It took the smooth controls from Metroid Prime 3, made them FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE and added on a great multiplayer experience to boot. Not to mention all of the rail shooters available now (one RE title out now, another coming soon, plus 2 House of the Dead titles). Madworld is a fun game, stylized in black, white and red, like something out of a manga. There’s more to come, with FPSs using the Wii Motion Plus for things like swordplay (Red Steel 2) and the Wii Speak for online chat (The Conduit and another title made by the same people that made that. Friends only, unfortunately). The Wii may not be the MOST mature console, but you’re lying to yourself if you say there’s not that many good hardcore offerings. Its just unfortunate that there’s so much kid-oriented SHOVELWARE out there.

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