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When someone falls and maybe gets hurt or maybe they dont is it so funny to us?

Asked by oneye1 (745points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone
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I think it is funny. I skateboarded for twenty years. I enjoy watching someone having a good fall.

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I know I’m a dumb ass it wont let me edit it

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Being a skateboarder, I see my friends fall all the time, and visa versa! You just have to be able to see the severity of the fall as it is happening. It doesn’t feel good laughing when your buddy stands up, and his arm is pointing in the opposite direction that it should be. However, nut wracks are still funny, even if they do bleed from their asshole!

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Absolutely. It’s called ‘schadenfreude’

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My SO is the world’s biggest klutz! He always does stupid things, and trips over his own feet, falls down, etc. I can’t help but laugh at him because I can see that he is going to get hurt, but insists on doing what he is doing anyway. For example. He has a low backed rocker in the living room. Sometimes he drops things behind it. Instead of pulling the chair out from the wall and picking up what he dropped, he kneels in the rocker and reaches down to pick the item up. Of course the rocker goes back, and he jams his head into the wall.. which puts this look of surprise on his face that makes me howl with laughter!! What makes it even funnier to me is that you would think he would learn not to repeat it, but he has done this several times.

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Could it be that we laugh out of relief that someone else looks foolish and we don’t? The “fool” who has fallen has given the onlookers the gift of being one up.

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