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How far would you go for someone you love?

Asked by curlyz (1194points) July 15th, 2010

just curious.

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Like, moving? Or sexually? Or emotionally? Or on rollerskates?

Pretty much as far as I could without losing my sense of self. The all consuming kind of love ain’t my style.

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I would die for someone I love. If I had to donate a kidney to my mom, or brothers, I would. I would protect them in any way I could, if I had to.

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Past experience has shown me two years is about good enough time to see if all your love will be well received, appreciated, reciprocated and treasured or if you’re a couple of “good intents” which for me anymore is not good enough.

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If it doesn’t affect me in a negative way or if it’s worth whatever negative consequences, I’d say pretty far.

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So far, about 3000 miles.

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As far as I possibly could. I’d move anywhere with my husband. I would donate an organ for a family member if I could. I would die for those closest to me.

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I have been known to move half way across the world to be with my husband, and stay up 3 nights to make sure my kids didn’t freeze (long story), and to only eat a jelly sandwich in a day for a month to make sure my husband didn’t go hungry (would give him my food and said I wasn’t hungry) when we were broke. To drive 50 miles through a snow storm when my son got sick with a really high fever. It was my first time driving in snow. I was petrified. But more frightened that I may loose him.
There probably isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for the people I love.

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@Pandora – completely agree, same with me.

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All the way.

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I would do whatever was needed to protect my children, my wife, and my parents.
I’d do absolutely anything for my wife.

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I’d do anything and everything. Absolutely anything.

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For family far is never far enough. For love, too far for my own good.

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I’d gladly lay down my life for someone I loved.

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I might go the greatest distance a man can go for a woman; from the living room to the kitchen – and back.

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