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Has anyone used this flea shampoo?

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) July 15th, 2010

has anyone every use Marshall Pet Ferret Flea & Tick Shampoo 8oz? I’m just wondering if it works. I figure it should be safe since Marshalls is the one that breeds all the ferrets for the pet stores in my area. my ferrets are on advantage but shes got one bugger flea that won’t die so i need to get some shampoo to smack it off. and are flea collars safe for ferrets? one site said to put a flea collar on them, but I’m not sure if its safe or where to get them.

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ok so i finally found my answer that flea collars are a no no. so my only question is about the shampoo

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nvm on my question the product turns out to not be sold anymore…

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@tocutetolive90 Are you able to handle your ferret? If so, you may be able to hunt the little blighter down (the flea, that is!) and squeeze it between your two thumbs. If however your ferret is bound to scratch and generally misbehave, this method probably won’t be of much use. This is the method I use on my cat(s) and have done for decades. It may sound gross, but it it effective. It’s also time consuming.

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Call your vets office and ask them if its ok to give your Ferret the flee pill called Capstar, If so Capstar will get rid of it and any other flees in 30 min.

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