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What is this awful itch that keeps me awake?

Asked by Aster (19984points) July 16th, 2010

About 6 weeks ago I got a pretty bad sunburn.
On my chest and shoulders. All that started itching. I can deal with it but now, 6 weeks later, my right upper arm can start itching at night to the point I want to scratch down to the bone! What is this ? It looks slightly pink, that’s all. I need more hydrocortisone ointment.

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Did you tried taking allergy medicine? It helps.

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@Stasi Thanks!! I have a new bottle of that and it does work; I forgot about it.
But why does it itch so much? It stopped peeling and doesn’t look burned anymore. THANK YOU!!!! GA

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I don’t think it’s related to sunburn, 6 weeks later it couldn’t be.
Believe me, I know, I have problems with my daughter, she has allergic reaction on her skin to mosqitto bites, sunburn, etc. Claritin, or Alavert contains loratadine, 10 mg. and it works!

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It could be due to laundry detergents, body wash, body cream, etc..maybe you started using something new recently.

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But the ONLY places that itch are the ones sunburned 6 wks ago:
chest and upper arms/shoulders. I’m a wreck. lol

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hmm, it is strange then… maybe your skin in that area became that sensitive…
if it’s going to bother you too long, consider going to dermatologist, maybe they can find a reason.

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The sunburn may have irritated the nerves in that area. A very warm (almost hot) compress on the itchy area will take the itching away for several hours, allowing it to heal.

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thanks MrsD and Stasi. I do not have the energy or anything at 2am to do a thing but put ointment on it. I WILL take a Benedryl tonight for sure! It has worked before.

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I think you should go to the Doctors/Dermatologists. Sunburn is really dangerous and even though it has healed it should be looked at by a professional for diagnosis as to what’s causing the irritation since it could be a number of things.

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Fresh skin revealed by the sunburn does get nervy and sensitive, on me anyway. It sounds silly but I go to the petstore and buy a squirt/spray bottle of Nature’s Organics itch spray because it contains tea tree oil and is less expensive than any tea tree oil stuff at the drugstore. That stuff does wonders for bites too.

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That happens to me too but i didn’t get sunburn i just had an allergic reaction to God knows what and mostly attacks me when i settle down, specially at night time and not only my skin but my head to, 1 benadryl and it goes away but i don’t take it countinously because it makes me very sleepy :(

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I’ve read that bedbugs are becoming extremely common these days. It could be that the sunburn originally made you supersensitive and now bedbugs are really bothering you.

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@Neizvestnaya I am going to get the itch spray. thanks!
Well , the Benedryl kept it from itcing for 5 hours; then it woke me itching again. I put on hydrocortisone and slept for another 3 hours.
Far as bedbugs, who knows? I had just washed and bleached the sheets and pillowcases. I don’t think the Kitchenaid front loaders remove detergent all that well.
What great answers! Thanks, everyone!

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I just ordered a lot of Silver Sol. Gel and liquid. Keep you posted.

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Well, taking one Benedryl at night keeps the arm from itching for 5 hrs then wakes me up . I spray on Solarcaine, it’s ok for a couple minutes, then I use cortisone ointment and it’s ok then I fall asleep. The arm looks really normal !

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