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How do you feel about jellyfish?

Asked by ninahenry (1958points) July 16th, 2010

I’m kinda disgusted that a jellyfish’s ass is also its mouth.

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@ninahenry what a great answer you gave yourself. I couldn’t possibly top it. :-)

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D’awww go on @anartist :)

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@ninahenry -LMAO you’re cracking me up…

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when I was young in Virginia Beach, they stung the crap outta me.

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I have no strong feelings about this organism if they are not hanging around when I want to swim or dive.

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@jazmina88 I guess you dislike them then?

did you pee on it?

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I wasnt savvy enough to pee on it. :(:(

and yes, I dislike them.

@ninahenry Welcome to fluther. you are hilarious!!!!

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@jazmina88 ^_^ it’s in my blood to be awesome (I’d have linked ‘blood’ but understand that’s a bit scary. Well I scared myself thinking about it anyway). What I was trying to say.

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Well, the ass-mouth would make sense if they have tongues. It would be like having built-in toilet paper (bog roll).

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@johnpowell Whether it makes sense or not I dislike it.

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Many of our body parts have dual purposes, so that doesn’t bother me much. What does bother me is the ouchies they give.

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@ubersiren i’m going to kill my brain, cauze i’m trying to come up with one example of our body parts giving us dual purposes, like the one in jellyfish…and i have no luck

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Welll…one never knows what amazing things can be learned in this realm. lol

Hmmm..I’d say I think Jellyfish are cool, but, I am also somebody that keeps small dead mammals in my freezer, like shrews and flying squirrels to ‘share’ their coolness with guests. hahaha

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@ninahenry Great question. Welcome to fluther. By any chance are you related to RichardHenry? :-)

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What’s Meta about this Q? It’s Biology 101. Could even be in General, for sure in Social.

We’ve had a spate of jellies lately – to the point where the the paper had a huge article on jellyfish recipes.

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I wouldn’t put it in general because I don’t want people’s nice yet possibly unrelated comments to be modded. I thought it was related to the meta section because it was about fluther, right? jellyfish? fluther? If you tell me how to move it to social I may.

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@ninahenry Fluther uses jellyfish-speak – this is a question about an animal. If Fluther were called the Herd, and we were designated Bovine, would you ask a question about steak in Meta? ~

Welcome to fluther, dear. Meta means things about Fluther – the site, the people, the language – making it better, suggesting changes etcetera. As I understand it.


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I wouldn’t ask a question about steak cause I don’t eat cows. moo. Also I didn’t ask a question about jellyfish as a food. I couldn’t find any regs for the meta thing either. I was wondering what people thought of jellyfish cause I thought it’d give me an insight into how they feel to be called one. I kinda like being a jelly, it’s definitely an interesting animal to be aka’d as. despite the ass > mouth thing. I put it in meta so that it may go down that kinda route but probably didn’t explain myself well enough, can’t edit the Q now though.

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Anything that stings scares the crap out of me.

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@ninahenry You just did. Well said.

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I like being called a jelly, cause jellyfish are neat looking and they can swim too. I don’t know how to swim in real life, so it’s like a vicarious thing. Swimming is beautiful to watch. I wish I was a jellyfish in real life.

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@FutureMemory that’s what I meant :)

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@FutureMemory is that that sarcasm squiggle??!?!

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No it’s me sticking my tongue out. I don’t do that tilde (squiggle) sarcasm thing that others do here.

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haha I thought you were smiling sarcastically, which confused me as to how that’s possible. I’d reciprocate but I don’t know where my squiggle is. nevermind, thanks for your answer :)

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It’s located one key left of the 1/!

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Here in tropical Australia there is a creature called the Box Jellyfish and its sting can be lethal. On most beaches in the north there are warning signs telling you not to get into the water between I think it is November and May. Also there are big jugs of vinegar with the signs because if you get stung that is the only thing that helps. But people do die from the stings, so its not worth the risk. It is sad though, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and you can’t get in because of the jellyfish and the crocs!

As for the jellies of fluther, there are some lethal ones in here too and vinegar won’t help when they get on you, eheheh, but also some very benign and intelligent and loveable ones as well.

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I lurve jellyfish.

Also, I saw some really freakin’ cute ones in SF. I just wanted to cuddle them to death.

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Other than admiring some pictures I’ve seen of them, I never gave jellyfish any thought.

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The BIG QUESTION is how do Ben and Andrew feel about jellyfish? Is this Fluther their concept of an underwater “hive mind” [since “the hive” was already taken]?

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As long as they brush and floss it is not as bad as you might think!

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We used to see them on the beach sometimes when I was a kid in Massachusetts, and sometimes floating in the water around us. Ew.

Sometimes we would accidentally step on a dead one on the sand. Double eww.

Once when I was swimming I put my hand right through one. There’s no word for that sensation.

I had to really overcome a lot of prejudice around here, open my mind with a crowbar, grit my teeth and celebrate some real diversity to get to the point where I could call myself a “jelly.” I still try not to think about it too much.

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@Jeruba – to me the word “jelly” used with people for some reason elicits a mental image of scantily dressed women jello wrestling. Not a good thing, heheheh.

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Beats being called a “jackass!” right @zenele ! loll

Actually, does not bother me.

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Did you just call me a jackass, @BoBo1946 – you talking to me? Oh, man, this time you gonna get it.

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@zenele I thought you would be thinking of jeruba jello wrestling by now. :)


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