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Anyone know of a good website that lists university with a strong Baptist congregation near the campus?

Asked by JLeslie (65410points) July 19th, 2010

Not sure if I worded my question well. When I try to google I get Baptist universities. What I am trying to find is universities that are not Baptist, but maybe have a large Baptist student body, or a Baptist church is close to campus and has a lot of students involved in the church.

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Try lookin up Baptist student union….....That would be the college fellowship.

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Go to a school in the south. There will be a church for you.

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I should clarify it is not or me, I am asking for someone else. She lives in the south, but her daughter seems nervous and hestitant about going to college. She is very into her church, and I thought if there was a very active baptist group on campus it would help her feel more at ease. If she went to visit the campus she could also go to the nearby church and see if it was a good fit for her. I was hoping to find a good website to help her seek a community like that, and I was hoping she would not be limited to Christian schools specifically. Many schools have non-demonitational on or near campus, but not always Baptist nearby in my experience, but I did not go to school in the south. Most people I know did not bother much with religion while in college, even if they were raised religiously.

Thanks everyone so far.

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Why not consider a Baptist college then? My sons girlfriend just graduated from Cal Baptist and believe me she will find the closed close community where she will feel safe there.
Just tell her not to leave her bike out. For some reason a lot of bikes get stolen there. My sons and his girlfriends BOTH got stolen at different times.

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@Judi When I spoke to her that is what she mentioned, going to Baptist colleges, I just wanted to offer this as an alternative, to have a larger selection of choices. The parents don’t have college degrees, and I think they also are limited in their knowledge of what college is really like, small university vs, large, etc. Not that they are not smart, they are wonderful, smart, supportive parents, but sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. I think it is hard for them to understand their daughter’s reluctance to investigate colleges, and get her act together so to speak in figuring out where she wants to apply. I was that girl as a teenager, afraid of the unknown, and making assumptions about how college would be. Afraid of being in an environment that would have peer pressure, or be overwhelming. She seems to want to stay close to home or possibly go to a school where her aunt or another relative lives.

I also wonder if going to a religious schools is limiting? If employers might look negatively at it on a resume? Of course they shouldn’t but I wonder? I might make that a question.

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I’m Jewish, but I went to a school that had a strong representation of Christian groups on campus. I don’t think that they were explicitly Baptist, but they may have what she is looking for. Two of the ones that I remember are Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Agape. Maybe she can check out their websites to see if they have what she wants, and if so, on which campuses they are active. I don’t think that they were on my campus, but I have also heard of a group called Campus Crusade for Christ. (I have to admit that the name of that groups sounds a bit threatening to me!)

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