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Am I too old to dance?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6637points) July 19th, 2010

The question pretty much says it all, I’m 16, girl, black (lol)
Now I am taking hip hop dance lessons once a week – for 4 weeks. I liked my last practice, later on today I was watching Stomp The Yard again and I still love it, I love the whole movie entirely. I was thinking of continuing to take dance classes after the one I am taking now. What do you think? Also I want to learn Krump

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16??? i thought maybe you were 76.

You are certainly not too old to dance. Keep it up. Do what you love.

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Never too young, never too old. You like doing something—DO IT!!!

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Huh? How can you be too old to dance. I still take ballet sometimes and I am 42. I do a lot of Zumba lately, which is sort of dance, the class is full, men in there and everything.

The thing is since you are 16, you are getting to the age where people are typically getting very serious about their dance, or they move into “adult classes.” That might be what is happening to you know. If your dance school does not have adult classes, you are probably one of the oldest kids at the school maybe? Adult classes are generally much less serious, and for fun and exercise more than anything.

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@jazmina88 , hahahah 76:D
I think I will continue dancing.
@JLeslie , wow that’s cool! 42 and in ballet?

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No, but I’d think about slowing down a little in seventy years or so.

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You’re too young not to dance.

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lol this answers are great! Iam enjoying them:)

I will continue dancing people:D
and soccer ofcouse!

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Create a new soccer dance or dance soccer! That would make soccer even more fun to watch!

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@Cruiser , lol! And put it on youtube¨!

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Nobody is ever too old to dance.

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Even those of us who can’t dance, are not too old to dance.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies , how can u dance if you can’t even dance?:S
I am really confused…

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I’m 56 and disabled and I still try to dance with my wife sometimes.

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I started dancing when I was in college, have been dancing / doing theatre professionally even since.

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@Thesexier, even those of us who can’t dance (don’t know how) are not prevented by age. Age is not the reason.

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@Dr_Lawrence . awww:D God bless You!

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@lifeflame , how cool! I could maybe do that tooxD

@Jeruba , oh okay:D Thanks

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No, you’re not too old to dance as long as you enjoy it. My sister is 15 and she takes hip-hop classes at a local dance studio. I’ve seen people ranging from 3 ~ 70 walk into the studio to take various classes. It might seem awkward to some people but they enjoy dancing.

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No one is too old to dance. I used to be a competitive dancer for 14 years. Some great dancers didn’t start until they were older. Baryshnikov did not start dancing until he was about 18 and he is considered to be one of the greatest dancers. Also, winner of SYTYCD Sabra didn’t start dancing until she was 16.

Bottom line: If you are passionate and have the drive, do what you love to do. :D

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@Thesexier I haven’t done ballet in a couple of years, because it is a fortune where I live now. When I lived in FL the people in my class were anywhere from early twenties to in their 60’s. At my gym they have Zumba Gold, which is for senior citizens, but I go sometimes, and almost everyone in there is ages 60–80. We salsa, hip hop, twist, belly, all of it. There is “dance” for people who can barely walk. They sit in a chair, put on music, and move their legs and arms. I will never understand people who don’t enjoy dancing. I even once did a question asking about Baptists who don;t dance for religious reasons and how strict that rule really is, because I have a hard time wrapping my head around not dancing. Hopefully you will dance forever in some form or another. It is one of the great joys in life – music, movement – I love it. Doing it and watching it.

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@Luffle , wow! also welcome 2 fluther.

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@Luffle… You failed to have mention that I also take Jazz and ballet… +_+’’
Yep I agree that people are never to old to dance. There are adults who take the all classes in the studio I attend. The 70 year old person my sister is probably talking about is this woman who looks really fragile but she is pretty good in the ballet class. But her turns and spinning kinda scare us lol. Besides dancing is a really good exercise for everyone. :D

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