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Are you anyones favorite person? Who is your favorite person?

Asked by Gabbigirl (56points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

This is a question I saw on someones youtube post. Really makes you think.

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I’m George Bush’ favorite person ‘cause I’m paying his salary in taxes…f*&% the feds!!

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In all seriousness tho, I’d have to say my Mom is my favorite person…constantly amazed at all that she does and how well she does it.

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John is mine, and I hope that I am his.

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I am my SO’s favorite person..but that’s not saying much because he is a loner. My favorite person is my daughter.

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my favorite person is me. I just think that I am so much different than anyone I have ever met before. I really think I am one of a kind. People never forget me after they meet me. My boyfriend is also my favorite person. Mostly because he understands me when no one else does. He is so cool and the most understanding and compassionate person I know

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i cant say if im anyones favorite person.. id like to think i was but im not loosing sleep over it.
my favorite person migh thave to be my brother. hes absolutely amazing, and so cool, and i love him to death (although as a younger sister i would never tell him that to his face)

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I am my Pugs’ favorite person. My favorite person would have to be my wife!

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haha. I am working late and I just got a text not even five minutes ago from my Michael that said “You’re my favorite person.” I figured… ok well then it’s time to post in that “favorite person” thread.

My favorite person is Michael.

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My favorite person is my husband, Troy. Some of you “flutherites” know him as“Gooch”!

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@Riser: Awww…!!!

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